Why Your Packaging Should Be a Unique Design Experience

Why Your Packaging Should Be a Unique Design Experience

In America, 72% of consumers revealed that the design of a product’s packaging plays a major role in their decision to purchase. 

With stats like this, the importance of a unique design to enclose your product is becoming more and more apparent. Think about how many products just like yours are available online or at retail stores. What makes your packaging stand out among its competitors?

If you’re racking your brain for an answer and coming up short, it’s time to take a good look at your product packaging. From color and font to material, creating a full design experience decides whether your business will be smashing success or a flop.

So what can you do to up your packaging experience and stand out in the crowd? Follow along to discover the key elements to a unique packaging design and why package marketing is such a valuable tool for your business. 

The Importance of Good Packaging

The packaging of your product may protect it during shipping, but the impact of a unique design travels far beyond product protection.

In fact, 40% of consumers said they would share a photo on social media of a product with impressive packaging. This means that just by having a great design, you’ll be reaching valuable audiences with the benefit of a friend’s recommendation. 

Beyond the extra visibility, you’ll see an increase in customer satisfaction. Get ready for a boost in overall sales by tapping into these key advantages.

Amplified Branding

You’ve worked hard on branding your website and introducing a solid image for your business. Why fall short now by neglecting to carry your brand through to your product? This oversight could be the downfall that diminishes the impact of your branding efforts. 

From your colors and fonts to your brand’s message, product packaging is the perfect opportunity to reinforce your image. Applying your branding to your product design delivers a professional impression. With such a put-together product, your customers will keep coming back for more.

Competitive Edge

With so many products on the shelf, you need an element that makes customers pick up your package ahead of anyone else. 

While you may very well be the best solution for their needs, their chances of discovering that are extremely low if you never make it into their hands. You’re packaging should draw the eye of the consumer and encourage them to leave behind competitors.

Memorable Impressions

Having a unique design experience will take your brand from forgettable to essential in the hands of a consumer. Customers forget names and product descriptions, but the images and colors of a product package are a sure-fire way to jog their memory.

Not only will they be inclined to choose the familiar package, but they will also have a better chance of explaining the product’s appearance to friends and family when they recommend your brand. 

Higher Perceived Value

Believe it or not, a customer will actually estimate the value of your product based on the quality of your packaging. Having a poorly designed product package gives the impression that your company cut corners on product quality as well. 

Fortunately, you can use this factor to your advantage and actually increase your sales margin with a good packaging design. Not only will customers be more inclined to purchase your product, but they’ll also be willing to spend more on it. 

This means you’ll have the option to increase your prices to cover the extra cost of the unique design or move more items off the shelves with great value. Either way, your business will experience and surge in profit that is sure to impress.

Encourage Return Shoppers

Once your customers have a higher perceived value for your product, they’ll be more likely to choose you again. Couple this with the fact that you are now memorable, and your return customer rate will be off the charts.

We know that loyal customers are the key to any successful business. This impressive rebuying rate will see your brand experiencing fantastic growth. 

Reinforce Brand Values

Customers are more interested than ever in what your brand stands for and the values you hold. If you believe in a cause, your customers should be able to tell before they even open the box. 

Issues like environmental impact and animal testing are becoming important to the public. Start appealing to these consumers is by displaying your support for the causes on your packaging. If your brand supports an eco-friendly lifestyle, don’t contradict your values with excessive plastic and non-recyclable materials. 

Use your package to clearly communicate your brand’s views and appeal to customers with the same values. 

Elements of a Successful Unique Design

Now that you know the value of creating a unique design experience it’s time to get to work on your unique packaging. 

Ensure the success of your design by utilizing these key elements. For an added edge, consider seeking out a reputable packaging design agency to elevate your product’s appeal.


Your packaging should clearly depict exactly what the product is and what it’s used for. Eliminate confusion and hesitancy in the buying process by outlining the key features of your product.

Clean and simple is a great rule of thumb when it comes to consumer clarity.


Making big promises or encouraging false impressions is the last thing you want in good packaging. This will lead your customers to be disappointed when your product doesn’t live up to their expectations.

Steer clear of false advertising issues by being honest with your package marketing. 

Shelf Impact

How much space does your product take ownership of on the shelf? Does it stand out with compelling images and appealing colors? 

Run your packaging through customer reviews to get an understanding of your product impression. Use this valuable feedback and make relevant adjustments to maximize your impact.

Brand Integration

Stay on brand by integrating your signature colors, fonts, and images throughout all product packaging.

This will create symmetry among your available products. Use this to encourage customers to try your other offerings when they recognize your brand.

Boost Your Design Experience

From a stronger brand to increased value, introducing a unique design for your product packaging is a fool-proof way to increase sales and impress your customers. With consumers showing off their beautiful new purchases and coming back for more, you’ll be on your way to a booming brand in no time. 

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