10 Tips To Optimise Your Diamond Drilling Operation 

10 Tips To Optimise Your Diamond Drilling Operation 

Many variables affect the performance of diamond drilling. Understanding these variables will help you choose the correct diamond drill specification for your diamond drilling application and optimise your drilling operation. 

The drilling equipment is expensive, and it is essential to get the most out of it. When you learn how to increase the productivity of your drilling operation, you will be able to do it efficiently with the best quality outcome. Higher productivity will provide cost-effective solutions. It will also reduce your expenses and save you time.

Diamond drilling is all about small details. One minor mistake can pause your drilling operation, so you need to know how to increase the productivity of the diamond drilling procedure. 

Below, we have covered the key factors that can optimise your diamond drilling and help you achieve better results. 

What Is Diamond Drilling?

Diamond drilling is a type of core drilling that uses a rotary drill with a drill bit attached to it. It creates precisely measured holes. Diamond is known as the hardest naturally occurring material in the world. Due to its ability to withstand harsh conditions, it is ideal for creating openings in concrete, metal and glass. 

Diamond drilling is known for its ability to create clean and precise holes with diameters of 8 mm to more than 1500 mm. It is a non-percussive technique, so the structural integrity is maintained during the drilling process. 

It runs the water through the driving shaft to provide a dust-free environment. Diamond drilling is operated vertically or horizontally, depending on the requirements. 

How To Improve Diamond Drilling Efficiency?

  • Increase Rate of Penetration (ROP) 

ROP is one of the critical parameters in diamond drilling. It makes the diamond drilling process affordable. The higher the ROP, the smoother the drilling operation. It helps you drill through hard material efficiently. It would be best if you try the penetration rate on the highest levels of drilling parameters per the rock condition. The correct weight on the bit, rotation speed and water circulation help you find the correct ROP.

  • Invest In Good Quality Equipment 

Diamond drilling equipment has drill rods, reamers, core lifters, core barrels and bits. A good quality drilling machine will ensure a better quality outcome. Please do not spend your time and money on cheap equipment, as it will not provide accurate and precise results. 

  • Safety Programme 

CA Drillers will ensure that you get a safe drilling procedure and safe results whenever our experts carry out the diamond drilling task. Our main objective is to deliver all our clients the safest working environment for everyone involved. We consistently follow the government’s safety guidelines to avoid occupational hazards. 

  • Choose The Right Size of Drill 

There are various diamond drills available. Each has its unique purpose, depending on the drilling operation. However, we recommend you read the instructions and conditions before you select a drill. We will help you to choose the most suitable drill for your diamond drilling procedure. 

  • Application of Higher Crown 

Some grounds eat through a lot; therefore, a higher crown can lower the number of times you require to stop the operation. The fewer times you change the core bit, the more time you will be able to spend on getting the core. 

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The configuration of crowns comes in 16 mm, 20 mm and 26 mm, and they will allow you to drill deeply. 

  • Use Additives

You may think additives are unnecessary, but this is not beneficial for diamond drilling equipment. Additives can improve the performance of your drilling process and reduce operational costs. It lubricates your equipment and ensures consistency during the operation. It also increases the life of diamond drilling equipment.

Additives are available as per the ground type. Whether dealing with abrasive, dry, or collapsing holes, an additive is available for a smooth process and reduced efforts. 

  • Troubleshooting 

To use any equipment, one needs to learn to troubleshoot; otherwise, one can get stuck. It may delay your process. Learn minor repairs when you buy your drilling tools, such as taking out stuck debris in the core or which lubricant will be helpful for your diamond drilling procedure. 

It will help you improve the productivity of drilling operations. Please be careful with the tools you plan to use, as a small mistake can harm you. 

  • Maintenance 

Drilling machines require you to invest a significant amount. Thus, regular maintenance is needed to extend the life of your equipment. It includes maintaining the drill rig, regular lubrication, cleaning and servicing. A well-maintained machine will optimise the performance of your diamond drilling operation. 

Below points will help you maintain the drilling equipment –

  • Inspect the rods, and ensure they are coated with thread compound. 
  • Use the lubricant and keep the machine properly. 
  • Apply degreaser for rough spots.
  • Update Yourself With New Technology 

Keeping yourself updated with the new trend and practical solutions that significantly improve productivity is essential. Over the years, innovative technologies have provided excellent drilling outcomes. At CA Drillers, our experts offer the latest solutions to make your drilling operation more efficient. The broad range of technologies helps us enhance the drilling performance for our clients. 

  • Be Organised 

Diamond drilling projects require accurate planning, especially when working on remote sites. If you forget to organise, it could cause significant delays in your drilling procedure. Prepare a detailed list of required things, including everything from the drilling equipment to documents, so you do not have to pause your project. If you are new to the drilling procedure, diamond drilling Kent can help you plan things that cover every aspect of the project. 

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You will need experts from CA Drillers to complete your diamond drilling project. With four decades of experience, our certified and experienced drilling operators maintain high-quality standards and ensure utmost safety for everyone. We perform the drilling services with precision and accuracy. Call us at +44 808 274 7824 for efficient and high standard diamond drilling and sawing services , or visit us online to check our diamond drilling services. 


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