Enhance Your Management Skills with Online Executive Programs in Management

Enhance Your Management Skills with Online Executive Programs in Management

What is an Executive Management Program?

Executive management programs are gaining attention in the education industry. The online and offline executive management programs launched by various institutions are certification courses designed for candidates who want to pursue their careers in management. The course aims to upskill aspiring functional managers to develop core managerial competencies enabling them to handle an entity’s cross-functional issues. This course benefits mid-career managers and leaders by enhancing their learning and experience. Being a course that brings together candidates from various backgrounds and skill sets, this program helps to ensure continuous learning, networking, and skill enhancement.

Skills Enhanced by Online Executive Management Programs

An executive management program aims at enhancing the following set of skills of their candidates.

●  Leadership

Leading your team is one of the significant responsibilities in any managerial role. The manager must fulfill the personal goals of each team member and the entire organization. Developing qualities like authenticity, inclusivity, and ethical conduct will boost your leadership skills.

●  Being Dynamic

The world around us and the entire scene of business is ever-changing. Quality adaptability is a fundamental characteristic of an effective manager. Managers should be able to mold and modify their decisions and actions with changing circumstances in a manner that is beneficial to the organization. Being dynamic in their approach, managers should also be proactive and lead their teams to attain common goals.

●  Foresight

Being proactive and thinking strategically is very important. By developing communication, problem-solving, and planning skills, managers can develop strategic foresight, which will help the organization plan and execute all their plans efficiently and effectively.

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● Communication & Presentation

The manager’s duty does not end with planning how to achieve the organizational objectives. Managers should communicate and present their plans to their teams well to ensure proper implementation and guaranteed results. A successful manager must possess strong communication skills that will enable an effective exchange of ideas and enable the team to achieve its goals.

● Emotional Intelligence

Understanding and managing one’s emotions is critical for every manager. Thinking logically without involving your feelings will only ensure that decisions are unbiased and just.

● People and Stakeholder Management

The development of interpersonal skills and communication are what help the manager understand people and their stakeholders. Representing and leading your team and maintaining good relationships with all entity stakeholders are equally important for every manager.

Online Executive Management Programs to Upskill Yourself

Some of the best online management certification courses are provided by some of the best colleges and universities in India. A few of them are listed as follows:

●  Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS)

One of the top-grade business schools in the country, NMIMS has various online executive management programs in multiple areas or fields, such as finance, retail, IT, human resources, supply chain, and business management.

●  Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

IGNOU offers a two-year online MBA program widely accepted across corporate and government sectors. The executive management course offered by IGNOU is the cheapest in India and provides specialization options in marketing, finance, human resources, production, operations, and service management.

●  ICFAI University

With a vast experience in management education, ICFAI University is an excellent option for opting for an online executive management course. The university offers a two-year approved online MBA program that is designed for working professionals, freshers, and entrepreneurs.

● Jain University

Despite being a relatively new institution, Jain University has grabbed the attention of students with various courses, one of which is the 2-year executive management degree course. The university offers specialization in all standard fields such as marketing, finance, human resources, and so on, as well as niche areas such as advertising, business intelligence, digital marketing, FinTech, equity research, healthcare management, and much more.

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●  Symbiosis Skills and Professional University

Symbiosis is one of the top management institutions in India. The university is part of the Symbiosis group and offers various online courses which are well-accepted and affordable. They offer online MBA courses in multiple specializations, such as marketing, finance, healthcare, and human resources.

● DY Patil University

One of the fast-growing management schools in India, DY Patil University is an excellent choice for management studies. The online executive management program offered by DY Patil has a curriculum at par with leading global universities. Further, the university also offers its students an additional chance to their students to opt for an optional course from Harvard Business School.

The Curriculum of Online Executive Management Programs

The curriculum of online executive management programs in various universities and colleges has been designed to provide candidates with an experience that makes them pioneers in management. The curriculum usually consists of the following:

  • Essential management foundation skills and management basics include communication, organizational behavior, managerial economics, leadership, and business finance.
  • Once the candidates have completed their basics, they must choose their fields of specialization offered by the college or university. Specializations can be in marketing, finance, HR, operations, data sciences, and more.
  • Most online executive management programs also have hands-on projects and capstone projects as a part of their curriculum to enable students to use and implement tools and techniques about which they have learned in their course. These live projects provide candidates with immense knowledge and understanding.
  • Further, career guidance, one-on-one mentoring, and placement assistance are also provided as a part of the online executive management program.


The Indian job market is becoming more competitive with each passing day, and candidates need to outshine their peers to increase their probability of landing a good job. An online executive management program is one such way by which candidates can upskill themselves and stand out amongst the crowd. Professionals with a few years of experience can also opt for this course to add value to their existing job and land promotions or even better job opportunities with other organizations. Therefore, online executive management programs are a great way to ensure a lucrative career.


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