How Does Ethereum Manage To Be The Second Best Crypto?

How Does Ethereum Manage To Be The Second Best Crypto?

Cryptocurrency employs the process of Cryptography and uses blockchain to provide a secure storing of financial wealth. Cryptography is the process of encrypting data for security wherein any third party cannot access the data until and unless the owner wants so. In the present day, all assets that hold financial value are used to facilitate trading.

Bitcoin was the first of the Cryptocurrencies, so it occupied a considerable market share. The Ethereum Code was the first Altcoin (alternate for Bitcoin) and currently is the second most valuable Cryptocurrency in the world. These assets do not have any intrinsic value like other assets, for example, Gold. As the whole sector is completely unauthorized with no regulatory authority imposing any rules, it naturally affected users. However, it was still able to attract investors from all sides of the world.

Facts About Ethereum

Cryptocurrencies are being used in this developing era of technology where every day, a new problem arises, and new ideas crop up to solve them. Bitcoin has made Cryptocurrencies and, by extension, the blockchain a hot issue for debate, with Ethereum being one of the most popular. Ethereum, on the other hand, isn’t just another Cryptocurrency; it’s a decentralized computer network that runs on Ether, a Cryptocurrency.

Ether solved the problems pointed out in Bitcoin by having a specialized application rather than simply being a substitute for the Dollar, Euro, or Pound. It is a Cryptocurrency that can be freely traded in the market for cash and is one of the most valuable Cryptocurrencies. Even though they are frequently used interchangeably, Ethereum and Ether are two different things. Ether is the coin that powers Ethereum, a decentralized computer network that runs apps.

Reasons For The Rise Of Ethereum

The following are the reasons for the boom Ethereum has been riding:

  1. NFTs Are Getting More Famous

A Non-fungible Token (NFT) is a unit of data that is not transferable digitally but can be sold and traded. It is held on a blockchain, a digital ledger, and can contain anything like photographs, videos, and audio. This may be connected with several NFT data units varying from blockchain Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin since each token is uniquely recognized. They are getting more and more famous because of their wide range of use.

  1. Scarcity of Tokens.

The avenue limits the number of Ethereum coins that are in circulation. The code change that resulted in the tokens’ burning kept the circulation limited and reduced “gas” (mining costs for Ethereum).

  1. The Whole Industry Is On A Growth Spurt.

According to data available on the web, the whole Cryptocurrency is booming as the total market cap has increased from $1.57 trillion a month ago to $2.27 trillion. There have been significant changes on the hierarchy list.


The industry is unpredictable and highly volatile, putting it in danger of a crash every time it has significant rallies. Ethereum faces the problems of mining costs and slower transactions, but if you invest smartly, there will indeed be gain in the future.


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