How intelligent transportation systems can transform your transit agency

How intelligent transportation systems can transform your transit agency

If you want to transform your transit agency to be more efficient for both you and your riders, then there’s one expert way to achieve this – to implement intelligent transport systems.

However, you may be wondering many things, such as what are intelligent transportation systems and why are they crucial for transport operators?

To help provide more clarity, we’ve put together this article to show you how these systems work and why you need them in your transport operations.

Read on to find out more.

What are intelligent transportation systems?

Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) are advanced software which allow you to optimize your transportation services in a variety of ways.

ITS are a combination of solutions designed to monitor and analyze various aspects of your operations, to help you improve them.

Each of these expert solutions can improve a specific component or process within your transit agency, whether it be real-time vehicle monitoring, accurate information for your passengers, or any other important aspect of your services.

ITS not only gather data from your services but can also use this data to offer intelligent insights and improvements.

These insights can significantly improve how you manage your transportation, from how you structure your operations, to providing real-time data on your services.

How can ITS transform your transit agency?

There are many different ways that ITS can transform your transit agency. Among these are things such as:

  • Increasing efficiency for your transport

ITS can help you create a more efficient structure for your transport, whilst ensuring your vehicles are providing the best service for your riders.

Using real-time vehicle monitoring, you’ll be able to track where your vehicles are at all times, and on top of this, determine how long each vehicle will take to reach the next stop.

The systems will take into account several factors, such as vehicle positioning, distance from the next stop, whether or not the vehicle is on-schedule, etc., and analyze this data to provide accurate arrival times for both you and your riders.

As a result, you can adapt your vehicles’ journeys to ensure the arrivals at each stop are more effectively spread out. This will mean not having vehicles arrive at the same time, or too far apart.

This will help you run your services more efficiently, and meet a continuous flow of passenger demand more effectively.

  • Improving costs for your services

When incorporating ITS into your transit agency, you can also reduce costs and ensure revenue remains at its highest level.

For one, with real-time vehicle monitoring, you can ensure your vehicles are taking the optimal routes at all times, to be as fuel efficient as possible for every journey.

On top of that, by having every vehicle arrive at the right time at each stop, you can ensure your vehicles are optimizing capacity across your entire transit network. Therefore, no passengers are missed from your services, meaning no revenue is lost from inefficient transport.

  • Maximizing rider loyalty and satisfaction

ITS can also help you maximize loyalty and satisfaction from your riders, by optimizing the experience for every passenger on your services.

You can implement real-time passenger information in your transit agency, which will offer accurate data on the times and schedules of vehicles in your network.

The information is presented on passenger displays, which can be placed in vehicles, on platforms, or on the street.

The systems will give up-to-date times on when vehicles will arrive. This will then adapt as conditions change, to keep the data in real-time.

This will allow riders to plan their journeys more effectively around this information, and create a more reliable and trustworthy service for your transit agency. More loyalty will thus result in more revenue.

Now you know how ITS can drastically transform your transit agency, will you be incorporating these expert systems in your operations soon?


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