How to Protect Your Hair from Heat Damage with a Professional Hair Straightener?

Our hair is our best accessory, styling it makes us feel refreshed and energised all over again. Experimenting with different hairstyles and attempting to change your look every time life brings us down is definitely the best escape.

Sitting at your house, a professional hair straightener with the most advanced tech and user-friendly design can amp up your boredom levels in an instant. In a fast-paced world like ours, finding time for regular salon visits can be a challenge. That’s why a professional straightener is a perfect (and even better) substitute. Read this blog to understand how it can fit into your busy lifestyle.

Create Tantalising Hairstyles

A professional hair straightener can be used to create the most out-of-the-box hairstyles if used correctly. Changing looks and hairstyles add a refreshing touch to the mundanity of the usual straight hairstyling. Let’s jump in and see which hairstyles can be created using a professional hair straightener machine.

  1. Perfect Beach Waves: Take a large section of hair, start near the root with the styler facing up, and twist it around. For the top section, start at the cheekbone level. Run your fingers through the waves for a messy look, and add dry shampoo or salt spray for a matte finish.
  2. Vintage Vibes: To create that old-school, classy 80s vibe,  use a professional hair styler to twist your hair near the roots a bit tightly.
  3. Sleek Ponytail: A perfect hairdo for all professional and party places alike, you can divide your hair into two sections and straighten it. Tilt your head back, brush the ponytail, and secure it with a hair tie. To add that oomph, twist a random piece of hair 180 degrees around the styler for a flicked tip.
  4. The Flawless Faux Bob: Envious of those perfect Met Gala hairdos? You, too, can do it all by yourself by taking a horizontal section of your hair. Starting at the root, clamp the hair and thread it through the S-shaped styler using a short clip. Complete with a twist at the edges to achieve the perfect finger wave. Remember to secure it with pins!
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Prevent Hair Damage- Tips to remember

Use these easy tips to keep your locks fresh and healthy:

  • Opt for a Good Quality Professional Hair Straightening Machine

Opt for high-quality styling tools to protect your hair while straightening. Investing in quality tools ensures smoother styling and less damage in the long run.

  • Say No To Straightening Every Day

Cut back on how frequently you straighten your hair to minimise damage. Factors like the heat from your straightener, hair colour, and type influence how often it is safe. Make each straightening session count by using dry shampoo, shower caps, or sleeping with a scarf to prolong the style. Aim to avoid straightening daily if you can.

  • Beat the Heat

Protect your hair well with a heat protectant spray or cream whenever you style it. These products are crucial for preventing heat damage by safeguarding the hair fibre and providing deep hydration to each strand.

The Search Ends here- Dyson to the Rescue

Look no more! Dyson’s impeccable and sleek designs and easy-to-use straighteners are designed specially to make hairstyling a cordless soiree. With the brand’s aim to make styling at home easy, their game is on point, offering hassle-free hair solutions that are all about those good vibes and temperature settings. Level up your styling game with Dyson—your hair will thank you later.

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