10 Best Ways to Spy Someone’s Phone

10 Best Ways to Spy Someone’s Phone

Do you doubt your wife or husband? Actually, if they are cheating, usually have signs secretly that you need to pay attention to.

Here is an article about 10 signs your spouse just slept with someone else. However, whether it is your spouse or your child, finding an effective way to spy on their phone is one of the ways of protecting them from harm. Here are 10 methods you can apply to spy on someone’s phone without their knowledge:

Method 1: Use Spylix to spy on your kid’s phone

Anyone who has used Spylix will tell you that it is a reliable phone tracking tool to monitor your child’s phone. It is devoid of a complex interface and allows you to monitor text messages, media files, call logs, Whatsapp Messages, and other data.

 Spylix features

The reason why you should consider Spylix for spying on a phone is because of its outstanding features. Here are some of them:

  • It allows you to check the other person’s real-time location.
  • Spylix allows you to set a geofence; this allows you to receive a notification whenever the other person enters a given area.
  • Spylix allows you to view the browser history.

 How to use Spylix to monitor another phone

Using Spylix to spy on another phone is not as difficult as many people would like to assume, here is a step by step guide on how to use Spylix;

Step 1: Using your preferred browser, go to the Spylix website and use your email to sign up to the free tab. Go ahead to click on try now and select the platform you intend to use.

Step 2: The method of launching will be determined by the platform you have chosen. For an iOS platform, you will have to provide the iCloud details of the target user. However, if the target is an android phone, then you must manually install the Spylix app on the target phone. Then enter Spylix account details to enable the stealth mode.

Step 3: Finally, open the Spylix account on your phone and open the control panel by pressing start.

Advantages of using Spylix

With the outstanding features of this app, using it to track another phone is probably one of the best decisions that you could ever make. Here is why;

Stealth Mode

Nobody wants the person they are spying on to suspect that their phone is being spied on. With Spylix, you can monitor another phone while in stealth mode. This is especially possible if you are monitoring an Android device.

Android & iOS Keylogger

Gaining access to the social apps in the target is necessary when spying on them. However, this can be difficult if the apps are secured with passwords. With an android and iOS Keylogger, you can check all the keystrokes on the target phone and find your way around the passwords.

Method 2: Find my Device by Google

If you are using an android phone, then you must have come across the “find my device” setting on your device. You can use this setting to spy on a target’s phone without physically checking their phone. This is what you need to do;

Step1: Activate the setting on the targeted phone.

Step 2: Using your computer’s browser, access “find my device” and use the target phone’s Google account to log in.

The only challenge with this method is that you have to know the target’s Google account logins.

Method 3: Find my iPhone

This is a setting that is available on all Apple phones. All you need to do is to use the settings to activate it and enable location sharing.

You can then use your computer browser to get the “find my iPhone” online version.

Finally, use the target’s iCloud credentials to find my iPhone online version. This will allow you to track the iPhone with ease.

Method 4: Software Vulnerability

This is one of the popular options that people use to spy on a target phone. This method entails replicating an app from the target’s phone to your phone, computer, or tablet. A perfect example is seen when using WhatsApp web to tap into a different device. Here are this method works;

On an iPhone, go to Settings > Password > Find what you need and click on it

An Android device operates differently in this case.

You go to the search symbol first and type ‘Password Manager’ > choose Google account > look at what you need FYI – to get access to the passwords, you need to know the unlock code for the device.

Method 5: iCloud and Google infiltration

This method exploits features that are available on your iOS and devices. In order to apply this method to an iPhone, follow these steps;

 First, get the Apple ID from the iPhone you wish to spy on.

Next, open icloud.com on your iPhone and log in to iCloud using the password that you acquired.

You will then have to enter the code sent to your target’s phone, and you are good.

For an android phone, here is how to use this method;

 Get login details for your target’s Google account.

Then check google.com/android/device manager using your browser.

Finally, use the acquired credentials to sign in and locate your target wherever they may be.

Method 6: Use spy cameras

It is hard to believe that this method can effectively be used to spy on a target phone. However, with the right cameras and surveillance equipment, it is possible to spy on a phone.

All you need is to make sure that the victim is in an ideal place when typing sensitive information like passwords. The best places to position your cameras to include;

  •        The headboard
  •        Back seat of the target’s car
  •        On top of the toilet box
  •        Behind a work desk

In the mentioned places, you are most likely to access the sensitive information you are looking for.

Method 7: Malicious Link (Phishing)

In many instances, this method is considered social engineering. It is majorly designed to manipulate the target person and entice them to share sensitive information. It works in a pretty simple way.

Create an email that resembles that of a known brand; for instance, Apple, Google, or Facebook.

Compose an email with a link directing the victim to change their login credentials.

As they click the link directing to where they will update their credentials, you can be sure you will find all the logins in the form created.

Method 8: Sniffing Wireless Networks

This method involves capturing information that is moving over a Wi-Fi network. It will interest you to know that there are programs that can aid to puncture a wireless network. Through this method, you can sniff sensitive information like:

  • Notes
  • Mails    
  • Shared photos and videos
  • Passwords

Method 9: mSpy

This method involves physically accessing a target device and retaining much of the data that is discoverable. It involves connecting apps to the target phone with the aim of reviewing the activity of the phone remotely. In most cases, spyware like mspy is used due to its compatibility with major smartphone operating systems.

The installation of this software is quite easy, in short:

  •         Use the official site to purchase the software license.
  •         Access target device in case it is android, but for an iPhone, you need the target’s iCloud credentials (email and password)
  •         Install mspy
  •         Login to the provided dashboard to start using.

Method 10:Use Cocospy

Cocospy has been used to spy on phones for an extended period. Whether you intend to spy on an Android or Apple device, this software can serve your interest without root or jailbreak. With its stealth mode feature, Cocospy will allow you to spy on your target phone without being noticed.

One benefit of using Cocospy to spy on another phone is the fact that it has an easy-to-use online dashboard. With an internet connection, you can access your account using the browser of your choice.


If you have ever thought of spying on a phone and didn’t know, this article offers you multiple options that you can apply to achieve your objective. Remember that phone spying is not only meant for malicious reasons as many people wrongfully assume. You can choose to use this method to safeguard your spouse or child from threats like cyberbullying and conning.


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