10 creative careers for people with an artistic personality

10 creative careers for people with an artistic personality

Finding a career that you love and makes the most of creative talents isn’t always easy.

If you’ve been considering a career change recently, here are our top 10 moves that you could make to get the best out of your creative talents.

  1. Art director

Art directors will lead on a company’s strategies and output when it comes to creative content. If you have a creative edge as well as an eye for detail and organisation, this could be perfect.

  1. Animator

Animators need a lot of patience, but the end product is often spectacular. Advertisers are often on the lookout for those with animation skills to bring online ads to life. Or you could have a great idea that becomes the next anime smash hit.

  1. Fashion designer

If you have an eye for what looks good when it comes to clothes, you could put your creative talents into fashion design. Whether you try to infiltrate the world of high-end fashion or start making your own bespoke pieces, there are several avenues to follow in this industry.

  1. Graphic designer

Do you have a creative streak and a good handle on computer systems? Graphic design is always in demand from all kinds of sectors and if you build a strong enough reputation, you may even be able to set up your own company!

  1. Jeweller

Jewellery is often among people’s most treasured possessions and your designs may signify some pivotal moments in their lives. Jewellers often need specialist equipment such as magnifying lamps to produce quality products.

  1. Interior designer

The housing market boomed during periods of lockdown as savings swelled for those working from home and the Government relaxed stamp duty. Now a lot of people have a house that needs decorating to their taste. Enter you!

  1. Writer

Are you adept with the written word? There are all kinds of ways to put this into a career. Marketing and journalism are popular pursuits of keen writers, while you may have an idea for a novel or series of stories that could turn you into a published author.

  1. Florist

A fan of the great outdoors with an eye for patterns? Florists are always in demand for special occasions – and of course those odd moments you just want to spoil someone!

  1. Hairdresser

Hairdressing is a great way to feed your creative need and also meet a lot of people in the process. There’s even a little bit of pressure with every job to keep you on your toes!

  1. Makeup artist

Bring people’s features to life by becoming a makeup artist. Whether for entertainment purposes or beauty, plenty of people love a pamper.


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