Top 5 Cloud cost optimization tools

Top 5 Cloud cost optimization tools
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Any top manager or business owner will sooner or later face such a problem as an increase in the costs of cloud services.

Against the background of competitors, the cost of the products will increase and over time it will become increasingly difficult to remain competitive and grow rapidly. But there is a solution.

The increase in costs for cloud services is a natural process, but with the proper financial management of the company, it can be influenced.

To receive this question, there are many cloud cost control software.

But in order to make the right choice, you need to understand how the cloud currently functions and what can be improved.

The basic cloud optimization operations are CloudOps and DevOps.

Regarding the execution of these operations and complex optimization of the cloud, we recommend that you contact only professional DevOps consulting companies.

Why the company overpays for cloud services

  1. The first immediate reason for rising costs is that the applications used by the company are updated every year and begin to require more and more cloud resources.
  2. The second possible reason for overpaying for cloud services is when a company pays for cloud resources that it does not use in practice. It may also be an incorrect selection of cloud functionality or an overpayment for a tariff that is not fully used.

To solve these problems, we will analyze the TOP 5 best cloud cost optimization software.

Top 5 Cloud Cost Management Tools

  • Google Cloud Platform

This built-in platform brings all cloud spending analytics to the screen. GCP Billing systematically prepares reports, analyzes expenses and reports on the current state of the budget. Also in the Google Cloud Platform it is possible to receive recommendations on the proper distribution of the budget.

  • AWS Cost Explorer
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This is a handy tool from Amazon with a deep analysis of the cost of cloud services with a unique solution for adding additional accounts in parallel.

From the useful functionality of Amazon Web Services, one can note the alignment of spending trends and the identification of unexpected expenses (abnormal). Unlike its competitors, AWS provides cost drivers to track costs correctly.

  • Apptio Cloudability

The platform provides one of the most accurate cloud cost optimization analytics. Cloudability does a good job of optimizing, notifying in case of abnormal costs. Also through Apptio Cloudability it is possible to manage payment for the cloud and reserve it.

A separate advantage of this platform is its compatibility with IT Financial Management.

  • CloudAmin

Universal platform focused on working with public clouds and based on SaaS. A functional interface that is comfortable for perception will be convenient for both a professional and a beginner.

CloudAdmin allows you to receive notifications 24 hours a day throughout the week.

On the platform, you can set a budget limit and notify if it is exceeded. A big plus is the availability of server data points.

  • Azure Cost Management

This is a cloud optimization platform targeted at Microsoft Azure users, for whom it is free. With Azure Cost Management, you can get cost alerts and take full control of your cloud.

The only disadvantage of Azure Cost Management is that the displayed information is not displayed in real time, but after the fact. It takes away your ability to influence costs

For your product to work successfully and properly in the long run, you need to lay a solid foundation for your cloud.

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With the help of a well-made IT infrastructure design, you will not only reduce the number of errors and the cost of solving them, but also establish a stable and reliable cloud operation in the long term.

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