10 reasons why your e-commerce website needs to be on Shopify

10 reasons why your e-commerce website needs to be on Shopify

Shopify is one of the most powerful tools for setting up an online store, promoting products through social networks, and sending out emails. You can manage payments, inventory, and shipping from a central cloud platform.

In addition to ease of use, there is another advantage. Shopify integration is possible with other platforms and programs.

1. Shopify is easy to use

Shopify is dedicated to the efficient operation of a professional online store. The interface was developed accordingly by non-technical specialists, so you can use professional designs, a beautiful template and a minimal design, or you can do without it.

The functionality is fully customizable, regardless of the presence of the brand or its search. Shopify allows you to design a unique look.

2. Black Friday is faster than buying on TV

Using Shopify allows you to host your online store on high-speed servers and store it in the cloud. This combination allows you to make the resource very profitable, outstripping competitors. The longer the site loads, the more visitors leave it, this offer will allow you to no longer lose potential customers and income

3. Shopify is able to integrate with social networks

When it comes to digital marketing, the role of social media is hard to overestimate. You can use all the benefits of social media marketing with Shopify. It can be divided into several points:

  • Facebook integration with every page of the online store;
  • loading products into their catalogs and synchronizing them;
  • the ability to place an order directly on social networks;
  • Fill in facebook ads and shopify offer discounts generated by Shopify, track how potential customers receive codes.
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Sales success is on this list; it may seem like a marketing ploy.

4. Shopify is completely secure

Nobody wants to have an online store that “falls apart” through Cyber ​​Monday or hacking a customer’s credit card.

Top servers and technical support will allow you to be calm about the work of the site, support, if problems arise, will quickly and efficiently solve them, seven days a week and at any time of the day.

5. Optimization of the online store for mobile devices automatically

Shopify will make the resource convenient for visiting from gadgets. This is necessary because almost half of all sales are made through phones and tablets. In addition, this figure is increasing. The responsive design will display correctly on any device.

6. All about applications

Shopify’s flexibility comes from having its own app store where developers offer tools. At the moment, there are hundreds of applications available to add different functions to the online store. This includes internal tools, integration with accounting software, wishlists, loyalty programs.

7. Simple customer support

There are many customer support apps. You can integrate the database information with a customer service interface with agents accessing technical support to resolve customer issues. You can even chat via messenger.

8. Working with SEO

It’s impossible to sell if buyers don’t visit your site, which is why optimization is of the utmost importance. SEO tools will help you make sure your site is taking advantage of the SEO benefits to rank your store as high as possible on the search engines. Analytical tools will allow you to find out where the most visitors are coming from. There are also resources for learning how to improve website optimization.

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9. Shopify helps with cart abandonment recovery

With Shopify, you can slightly improve the situation with the statistics of those who abandoned their cart in the online store. Customers need a little reminder that the services and products they find on your site are still waiting for them. This is also taken care of by Shopify via the emails, which can be customized yourself.

10. Collection of payments on your own terms

You can integrate any payment systems, use your own Shopify, already integrated into the platform (you can bypass transaction fees and pay less with a credit card).

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