10 Tech Tasks Small Businesses Should Outsource

10 Tech Tasks Small Businesses Should Outsource

You have a lot on your shoulders as a small business owner. However, that doesn’t mean that all you should do is explore outsourcing. You can invest extra money building your firm by outsourcing certain business duties to other organizations or individuals.

Outsourcing may appear to just large companies can do, but this is not the case. A multitude of economical outsourcing services and virtual freelancers can be used by small companies to optimize procedures and save time.

10 Tech Tasks Small Business Should Outsource

  1. Content Marketing

Content marketing means the use of easily digested content to train your intended audience without being too “salesy.” The goal is to produce leads, but content also develops your relations with them, which will increase your chances of concluding a deal. Rand Fishkin, the Moz.com creator explained, “The best method to sell anything Is don’t sell anything.” “Get the conscience, respect, and confidence of those who could purchase.”

More than 40% of businesses are directly responsible for content marketing in their organizations. Small companies like yours, however, may not receive this budget. I would advocate outsourcing instead of taking your time to generate and distribute content or to recruit a marketing team to deal with it. As per a LinkedIn analysis, 75% of marketers outsource content in a fashion, based on a poll of marketing experts.

You can begin small by employing an independent writer, or an agency. Both methods save you money and help you develop stronger customer relationships,

  1. Bookkeeping and Accounting

Information from the American Psychological Association reveals that you can save productivity by 40 percent when you perform multi-functional tasks or handle numerous projects at once. And you will achieve more success when you avail outsourced bookkeeping services to handle your accounts. Your undertakings need more time to be completed and your entire stress levels increase.

Gary Keller, president of Keller Williams Realty writes: “Juggling is an illusion. “Actually, the balls are collected and tossed in a quick sequence independently. It’s task-changing, actually.” The global economy spends an average of about 400 billion dollars every year.

  1. Payroll

In view of the numerous standards, rules, and tax rules, we strongly propose outsourcing your payroll. ‘Payroll’ goes well beyond just calculating employee hours and compensation. A salary error can cause tax audits and cost thousands of dollars to your company.

In 2014 alone, in response to errors, omissions, and unsuitable files, the IRS imposed more than $2 billion in fines against small firms.

Instead of processing your own payroll or keeping the full-time accountant bureaucracy, you outsource your payroll to a trusted agency. Companies such as Wagepoint or Intuit provides bookkeeping services for small business. It can help you avoid expensive errors and spare time so that you can concentrate on your business activities.

  1. Optimizing Conversion

Most companies produce web marketing leads, and the material you provide works to turn them into leads. The average conversion rate in most industries is just a little over2 percent according to Search Engine Land, with the top 25 percent of sites see conversions at or above 5 percent.

You can do a lot to boost your conversion rate, but it takes a lot of work. Even a tiny conversion increase can contribute digits to hundreds or even thousands or more of your yearly revenue, based on your business strategy and margins.

Peep Laja, the founder of ConversionXL, adds, “Discovering what matter is vital. “You know what you can optimize and where you can figure it out. By testing and investigation, you can learn what important.”

You should collaborate with an agency that focuses on conversion optimization, rather than trying to manage, test, and track the ongoing cycle of change.

  1. Timing and management tasks

Documents of tiny activities that suck up your time each day are easy to get stuck. As a small business owner, you must concentrate on your main business development procedures. You pay solely for the hours in which the duties have been handled when you appoint a virtual assistant and can remove a lot of wasteful time in e-mail, appointment, and other repeating duties. You can concentrate less on the extra schedule and more on the overall picture when you automate employee scheduling activities with software.

  1. Customer care and Support

Great customer service is one of the key parts of every successful organization. Customers today appear to be allowed to contact a company 24-hours a day. In fact, according to HubSpot, 90% rate an “immaterial” answer to a customer care inquiry to be significant or extremely significant. 60% of clients define 10 minutes or less as “instant.” But how can you, as a small firm, respond to consumer requests 24 hours a day? The answer is to outsource your support and customer care.

Your company can always answer emails, telephone inquiries, social media messages, and chat support requests by outsourcing customer support from BPO in the Philippines. In addition, you can also receive bilingual help to reach additional clients.

  1. Digital marketing

You have to be online if you want your small company to succeed. Pew Research reports that 29% of adults in the United States are nearly constantly online, one of the 78% of Americans that are online every day. So for that online publication, you need a digital marketing strategy. However, there are many other digital marketing components, like SEO, blogs, email marketing, online marketing, and many more. It is almost impossible to master and manage all these areas.

For example, it could seem straightforward to host an online marketing contest with a WordPress plugin. But much more goes into the successful running of online competition, like the promotion of the donation. You will not achieve the results you are aiming for when you don’t have enough time as a small business owner to effectively promote your gift.

You can outsource these digital marketing chores rather than hiring a large marketing crew. For example, you can employ a social media manager for the management of your social media profiles. Or, a freelance author might be hired to build your blog content.

  1. Graphic Designing

Although free online design tools such as Canva are available, you may use them to produce your visual content, not all people are experienced in design. The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of effort generating visual material just to make it seem unfamiliar. The same applies to pictures. If you hire your competitors to take pictures of your products, e.g., your iPhone images are likely to be dense in comparison.

You should therefore outsource your visual material to designers and photographers. These include your website photos, your company logo, pamphlets, and other original works of art for social media campaigns and product promotion.

  1. Virtual Assistance

You have much to do in a day as a company owner. But instead of being involved in menial administrative work, it’s crucial to focus on developing your company. You should therefore plan to hire a virtual helpdesk. A virtual assistant can make sure that your company works effectively by handling all repetitious duties such as scheduling and setting appointments, sending emails, entering information, optimizing operational phone conversations, and more.

In addition, you need not worry about supplying a virtual assistant with an additional office or equipment; the assistant can take all these activities from home. It should also not be that difficult to find a good virtual assistant. In Houston Bookkeeping, the proportion of telecommuting employees who identify themselves as virtual laborers has risen 79.7 percent, according to information published in ValueWalk.

  1. IT management

In view of the complexity of the information technology needs, small business owners, particularly those who manage things alone, should be serious about outsourcing IT services. Services such as the management of websites, databases, hardware, and software and the analysis of data are typically best suited for persons with special talents.

To Sum Up

Many consider that owners of small companies are supposed to carry numerous “hats,” bookkeepers, customer service representatives, etc. But you can lose your concentration on what is crucial, the growth of your business if you wear too many hats. Try outsourcing certain duties to make it easier for you to spend your time.

Author Bio: Elena James is a Business analyst and digital marketer. She helps small businesses to grow with the best business ideas and digital marketing strategies. Currently working as a business analyst at eBetterBooks.


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