14 Best Private Instagram Viewer Apps & Sites In 2022

14 Best Private Instagram Viewer Apps & Sites In 2022

Instagram is a well-known website where users are heading due to its amazing features. It is a website that contains the entertainment of Facebook, information on Twitter and the chatting feature of WhatsApp. If a user watches so many features in one platform then why do they head towards others? 

If you are in a situation in which you want to view a profile of your friend or relative just to check whether he or she is the right person to send the following request or not. Even in such situations, Instagram won’t allow you to look at the private profile of a person. 

We have a solution for you as you can take help from different private people buy instagram likes viewer applications or sites that will allow you to view private accounts easily. Some of the best options to view private Instagram profiles are explained below.

Best Private Instagram Viewer Apps

To help in such situations technology has provided us with tools that provide help in finding ways during tough times.

  1. Spylix

It is considered the best spy application for Instagram for many years due to multidimensional support for iOS as well as Android users. Doubtlessly it is an all-in-one spying tool for Instagram that is specially designed to provide an easy procedure to spy on the target person. 

It has an amazing user-friendly interface by which you can easily monitor the activities of a specific person in real-time. By using this tool you can easily check the messages on the Instagram profile of the target person. (Also, you can spy on someone’s text messages for free with Spylix )

Now you don’t need to worry about your children, loved ones, or any other person as you can get chats, deleted messages, gallery, deleted media along with followers, and the following list.

How to use it?

The tool provides amazing results as you can get the date and time along with the activities of the other person to have a complete and authentic record of the person. 

Step 1

Sign up to use the Spylix account using the email address. You can use the free account of Spylix for the first time.


Step 2

A person needs to follow an onscreen guideline for the activation of the Spylix account.

Step 3

The system will ask you about access to the dashboard along with the option to remotely view all the activities of the Instagram of your corresponding persons.

  • FlexiSPY

If you want to spy on someone’s Instagram account to monitor the comments, photos, messages, or any other activity then this is a good choice. The application lets a user monitor the real-time activities of the target person. 

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The website works on a user-friendly interface but if you want to enjoy all the features then you must log in to the premium plan. The basic plan of this website is to only allow a few features to its customers.

  • mSpy

It is a mobile application designed for parents to spy on their kids. It has limited features but you can monitor data for 5 to 30 minutes for Android and 24 hours for iPhone. 

If the application is installed it is very difficult to detect it but it won’t allow you to have the monitoring of a SIM card or GPS location, especially for iPhones. It is more costly than the other applications in the list without the picture of video and photo spying.

  • Cocospy

The tool supports approximately 29 different types of data for Android users and 12 different types of data for iOS users. You can receive the data provided by the tool in almost 24 hours. 

A person doesn’t need to have any physical access to the installation of this website on iOS devices but Android devices need physical Access for monitoring. 


If you want to get access to the photos and videos of the target persons then the application provides you help without the restriction of Android and IOS users. It also has an automatic backup feature on the web portal. 

You can also download a zip file of the activities of the person. The website won’t allow you to watch the deleted media; only the visible media would be available.

  • Spyic

The app was specially designed for parents to monitor the activities of their children. If the Android device is non-rooted then the data would be accessible for only 24 hours but rooted devices can update data. 

Physical access is needed to install all the applications on Android devices. The tool is unable to capture the screen of the target person. 

  • IGLookup

It’s a well-known application to spy on the target person. You will be notified if it is easy to use and a secure way to find the content of the person on Instagram using an anonymous ID. 

It has an option spy now where you need to enter the username and the information would be provided to you there. A person can get images and videos of a private account easily. 

Best Private Instagram Viewer Sites

The universality of Instagram is not just in infotainment, rather it has specific strict privacy policies for its customers. Sometimes the privacy policies of Instagram have become so critical that users become restricted and suffocated. 

  • Spylix website

It is an amazing website that provides you an opportunity to look at the GPS location of the target person in real-time. A person will always be notified when the target person has entered the area or left the area. 

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The most amazing thing about this website is that it tracks the activities of a person without the fear of being detected. It consumes a little space of the memory hence a person can easily work. 

Location tracking is the one thing that makes it the most popular and strong spying website with a relaxed environment.

  • PrivateInsta

It is a website to view the Instagram profile of the person without using a real account. A person can easily use this tool on Windows, Android, iOS along with OSX operating systems. 

It keeps the identity of the person anonymous hence whenever the target person tries to reach you he or she will never find out.

  • Private Instagram Viewer

If you are looking for a platform that is compatible to use different operating systems then this is the best option. You can enjoy this tool completely free without any specific paid subscriptions. 

You need to enter the official site and then write your username and head towards your IG account. You can easily unlock or view the photos of the person without any restriction.

  • InstaGramies

It is a website to view private Instagram profiles using an anonymous profile. You can use the browser of your own choice as all the browsers are equally efficient in their work. 

A person needs to write the username and need to wait until the profile picture appears on the screen to watch the posts.

  • Instory

It is the best Instagram viewer of private profiles available for users online. It provides a helping hand to view the activities of private accounts professionally. A person can easily download Instagram stories of the target person even though he or she has a private profile.

  • LikeCreeper

It is the most simple tool to access Instagram profiles, especially those that are private. A person doesn’t need to install any software to use this website and this is the basic reason for its reliability in the market. 

You don’t need to enter the personal information you just need to enter the Instagram profile and select the view option.

  • Bigbangram Insta Stalker

If you want to spy on any person but you don’t have your own account then this is the app for you. You can watch the content of the target person without having your own Instagram account. 

You can watch the posts and stories of the target person anonymously even though the person is blocked by you. You need to enter the account name and everything will be done for you.

Ending Remarks

Instagram is a popular website and has strict rules when it comes to the privacy of the users. It has become very difficult for a person to look at private profiles even for genuine reasons. 

In such situations, we can take help from different applications to view private Instagram profiles. Some of the best options that are available on the internet are explained above.

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