Try Out These Branded Slot Machines – All the Rage in 2022

Try Out These Branded Slot Machines – All the Rage in 2022

You enter the gaming lobby, and there are millions available slot games. You scroll and scroll, looking for something that will feed your hunger for high-quality gambling, but you just don’t know what that might be. Simply, you are overwhelmed by the offer. How many times did this happen to you?

The best thing you can do to help yourself in these kinds of situations is to try to remember some movie you like to watch or a famous person you respect … try out a game that is recognizable and easy to attach to. Something branded. If you haven’t played branded slots before, we assure you that you will enjoy the pleasant feeling of being familiar with the music theme, symbols, and storylines.

There are plenty of categories on the table including movie-inspired themes, music, superheros, and more. Something will definitely catch your attention. Here is a list of our suggestions, which we advise you to save; the following ideas for a quality branded gameplay may be very handy next time you feel confused with a massive offer of slots.

Music-Themed Machines

Slot machines inspired by famous bands, musicians, or songs have a pretty wild number of admirers. Players just go crazy when they hear the tunes of their favorite songs in the background. บาคาร่าออนไลน์ Turn on the volume and enjoy slots based on Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, or the Village People. Our personal favorite in this section is definitely the Guns N’ Roses slot by NetEnt, a highly entertaining 20-payline release, packed with tons of engaging features. If you are a fan of this worldwide famous band, this slot is a must-play.

Movie and TV Series Slots

Without any doubt, still, the most popular branded machines are the movie slots. However, recently, one-armed-bandits based on popular TV series are endangering the huge popularity of movie slots. We don’t want to pick sides, as we are just happy that the industry is powerful enough to satisfy the needs of both movie hunters, and series lovers. On the long list of available movie titles, players can find premium releases from NetEnt including Jumanji and Dracula, Playtech’s Gladiator, and iSoftBet’s Rambo. Team “TV series” offers slots inspired by Game of Thrones, Narcos, Vikings, and more. Type in the name of your favorite show or movie in the search bar and hope some software developer found inspiration in the movie/series you love. If it’s popular, we bet it exists in the shape of a slot!

Yummy, Yummy One-Armed-Bandits 

We might divide into groups when it comes to whether we like more movies or TV shows, but in one group we all stand together strong- loving food! Interestingly, lots of popular software developers found ideas in foods and drinks.

In the sea of sushi-inspired slots, chocolate ones, one stands out: Hellmann’s Mayonnaise! This slot machine, unfortunately, isn’t available at online casinos, but it was installed at supermarkets to show people how this famous brand of mayo goes with anything. This marketing campaign clearly shows the impact of modern culture on the world of video slots.

As you see, the iGaming world is your oyster. Next time you enter a huge gaming catalog, confused and overwhelmed, remember our advice, and look for something that will feel or sound familiar. Familiarity is comfortable, and comfortable is relaxing. Finally, relaxation should be the reason number one why you are spending your free time at the online casino in the first place. Gamble responsibly!



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