5 Key Benefits of Engaging in eSports

5 Key Benefits of Engaging in eSports

Research has proven that eSports offer the same advantages as conventional sports, even though it is way less stressful. Players who participate in structured eSports games imbibe the same tenets as physical sports, such as collaboration, communication, tactics, and sportsmanship. Also, this emerging industry is accompanied by traditional sports features such as eSports sites for gambling.

Thanks to advancements in technology and science, engaging in eSports leagues help to develop intellectual skills, as seen in grass sports.

This article will provide the five key benefits of eSports engagement.

The Major Advantages of eSports Competitions

1. Development of Intellectual and Social Skills

Introverts and extroverts alike have the opportunity to develop social skills when competing against people. The advantage of eSports over physical sports in this aspect is that the latter affords you socialization when challenging or playing alongside individuals in your community.

On the other hand, eSports boost emotional intelligence by exposing you to hundreds of competitors and teammates across the globe. In terms of intellectual skills, electronic sports enhance hand-eye coordination, attention, problem-solving skills and boost tactical reasoning.

Even though physical sports require hand-eye coordination, most times, both hands are performing the same action as seen in games like table tennis or badminton. Electronic sports possess the edge here because gamers use each hand to perform different activities.

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Critical thinking is a by-product of engaging in online sporting activities. Since the physical part of eSports is highly reduced, there is a higher reliance on the brain for actions. Competitive gamers collect and analyze a wide range of information in a short period, making split-second decisions off that data.

2. Opportunities for College Scholarships

Another key benefit of electronic sports is the access to scholarships offered by 290 colleges. The scholarship benefits are comparable to physical sports scholarships and are occasionally provided by the athletic department in schools.

Only a few students out of high school make it to the traditional sports scholarship programs, and eSports opens up a whole new wave of opportunities. Colleges are starting to scout for the best participants in eSports.

The first university to make this move was Robert Morris University in 2014. Today, in 2022, there are several eSports arenas and sponsorships.

3. Creation of New Jobs

Like the movie industry comprises scriptwriters, fashion designers, producers, and extras working to support the actors, the eSports industry also has its behind-the-scenes teams. Loving the world of eSports doesn’t mean you have to become a gamer.

You could even become famous by engaging in different sub-sectors like social media management, event management, eSports journalism, coaching, refereeing, streaming, etc. Jobs like these also give you the opportunity to scale since you’ll most likely network with key players in the industry.

4. Improved Brain Health

The research was carried out on adults who played games for at least half an hour each day for six months. The study found out that certain areas of their brains experienced development. These areas included the prefrontal cortex, the right hippocampus, and the cerebellum.

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The prefrontal cortex allows individuals to make plans, decide behavior patterns, and socialize. The right hippocampus is the home for long and short-term memory. The cerebellum facilitates movement, motor skills, and muscular activity.

The development of these brain segments was even higher in gamers who took playing the game to the next level. These guys tried to beat the gaming system and understand the problems presented on all levels.

eSports can also improve the brain’s health after retirement. Older gamers are less likely to experience negative brain impacts like Alzheimer’s.

5. Reduced Stress

Electronic sports are a great way to deal with stress. Focusing your attention on something you love helps you unwind in the short run and improve your health in the long run.

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