Logitech vs Razer vs Corsair vs SteelSeries

Logitech vs Razer vs Corsair vs SteelSeries

With the explosion of gaming’s mainstream popularity in the past decade, it is safe to say that we are living in an unprecedented time for e-sports. The increasing interest in PC gaming, as well as its un-proprietary nature – something that separates it from console gaming – has allowed for there to be many companies producing comparable and competitive products which gamers can mix and match to their own personal liking. Each gaming brand is different and specializes in different specifications to meet the needs of every gamer.

As the mouse is a crucial aspect to a person’s individual gameplay style, choosing the one that fits your specific needs is a decision that cannot be taken lightly. The first thing to look at when deciding which mouse is right for you is which brands are reputable and what they can offer that their competitors cannot. Here are some of the best gaming mouse brands, what their best product is, and what they offer that other brands do not.


Heading off this roundup is Logitech, a brand which helped create competitive wireless gaming mice back in 2016 with the release of the G900 Chaos Spectrum. Five years later and they are still on the cutting edge of wireless technology without completely breaking the bank.

The Logitech mouse that I would recommend is the Logitech G Pro, an ambidextrous mouse with 6 buttons. For around $115, it is quite a bit pricier than its wired counterparts, but is still on the lower end of the wireless spectrum. As far as the specifications go, there are no differences that would be perceivable to the human eye.

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Razer’s logo is iconic and associated with the best products in the gaming sphere. The three-snaked logo is fierce and connotes the domination that you will feel over your opponents when you use Razer products to overcome them. The brand’s aesthetic is actualized by specifications and designs that really do blow their opponents out of the water, and that is why Razer is my personal number 1 choice for gaming mice.

The mouse that I would recommend is the Razer DeathAdder V2. Showcasing a top performing sensor and a beautiful right-handed ergonomic shape, the DeathAdder is the best all-around value for all gaming mice. Selling at around the $50 range, you will feel like you are practically robbing Razer with how good the mouse operates.


Corsair seems like a dark horse among this bunch (and it is), which is why you must not overlook their mouse offerings, both wired and wireless. Its firsthand inputs into the tech and design of their mice make it one of the most straightforward brands in the gaming sphere, assuring performance, while sometimes sacrificing the panache of a brand like Razer.

The mouse that I would recommend is the Corsair Sabre Pro. Embodying the Corsair spirit of pure gaming equipment built with the gamer in mind, the Sabre Pro offers performance in all of the right areas sheathed by a straightforward body. Its 8,000Hz polling rate sits comfortably with all of the top competition. Quickstrike buttons activate faster than ever, and it is all processed by AXON hyper-processing technology. The Sabre Pro also competes with its fair price. Only setting you back around $45, considerably less than other mice with that level of performance. 

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SteelSeries has long been a top brand for gaming, producing reliable equipment for gamers of all levels. Though less experimental, their classic designs are tried and true, and will give you reliable comfort and performance. Given their semblance to many non-gaming mouse shapes, SteelSeries mice can be a great introduction into gaming performance, with a familiar feel.

The mouse that I would recommend is the SteelSeries Sensei 310. Brandishing updates to the hardware that bring the name SteelSeries back into the forefront of gaming minds, while maintaining the physical feel of their traditional mice makes it a standout among the choices of today, especially if you were an ardent SteelSeries supporter in the past.

In Conclusion

The truth is that there is no perfect gaming mouse that will work best for every gamer with every style of gameplay. That is why the competition and near-constant innovation within the world of gaming equipment engineering is so incredible because despite the fact that creating a one-size-fits-all mouse is impossible, there are enough options for every gaming user to find the perfect mouse for themselves. The right equipment is crucial to the enjoyment of gaming. Hopefully this list will give new gamers enough information to find the perfect fit faster, allowing them to have more fun and continue to game. 

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