15 on page SEO changes you should know for getting Higher Ranking in 2021

15 on page SEO changes you should know for getting Higher Ranking in 2021

In the current world scenario, If you want to grow worldwide you must have an online identity so that everyone reaches you easily. It is not as simple as you want to build their business. You should know how to do it? For that, you have to make a suitable Website and make out an SEO strategy to go famous over the internet.  If you are doing SEO for your website then you should know some basic thing which helps to increase your ranking on Google. In this article, you will find some important tips which make your website more interesting and getting a higher ranking on Google.

There are certain things you should try to increase your chance of getting a higher ranking on Google search engine.

I have 15 ways to improve your website’s on-page SEO for getting a higher ranking. Here they are:-

Let us check the top on-page SEO hack that will give you a boost in 2021. Your SEO goals start with your on-page changes. These are very simple things that should be followed to grow your website.

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Improve your site loading speed

Your page loading speed is an important factor for increase you’re ranking because if your loading speed is slow then Google will recognize this and then it will hurt your ranking.

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Publish High-Quality Content

Your content must to be high quality, recent and relevant. To increase you’re ranking on Google then increase its popularity, you need to give reason to keep come back on your site. If your content is fresh and excited information then I will help you to keep visitors on your page longer.

That said, it is entirely possible to utilize SEO company services in such a way that is detrimental to a business.

Optimize your image

Pictures and images is also an important factor for your website. But you need to make sure that the images are properly optimized to improve your best seo classes. Big images can slow your page loading time which hurts your ranking.

Domain age, URL and Authority

Domain age and URL must be related to your content which helps to make your website more relevant and helps to make your website increase your ranking on Google.

Use tags in your content heading

Heading is also another factor helps to improve your ranking. It helps to break up your content and make it easier to read. If you don’t use tags and heading your content then your website is just a wall of text which discourages users spending long time your site. As a result, your SEO ranking will hurts.

Add more and more related text

Make sure that your content must be related to the topic which you discuss in your website. This will help you increase your rank.

Make sure your content is readable for everyone

Use easy language in your content which can understandable for everyone. Use simple works which everyone can read your article.

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Make your site mobile friendly

In this point you must make your website mobile friendly because mobile use is on the rise nowadays. Google recognizes this and improve your ranking.

Till now we have covered 8 very important factors you should follow to help your site grow. Lets us take a look at other important factors which are equally important but people don’t take them seriously sometimes. Each small to small facts is very important to grow online. Take a look at other important factors of SEO

  • Internal and External Links
  • Provide proper contact information
  • Share your post on social media
  • Use related keywords
  • Write meta description and page titles
  • Real Business information
  • A secure and Accessible Website


Search engine optimization is not just a fad that ends soon. It should be focused on your website now and in the future. If you are just beginning to focus on SEO, then you are a little behind, but the strategy I have just talked about, not even sure to carry it out.  Do not be overwhelmed with the success of Advertise your business with Ads this is not a long-term solution, You should check your SEO in 2021 with simples steps. Start with stepping on something and someone else. Monitor the result. Checking your traffic and ranking to assist you in validating your SEO strategy.

Soon, you will be standing at the top of the search results on Google.

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