5 Best Frameworks of Nodejs for web apps

5 Best Frameworks of Nodejs for web apps

Over the last few years, experienced javascript developers have developed the best of the industry frameworks that work best for the business. They are best in class and loaded with extreme functionalities. In the past several years there are many new frameworks came into the market that works for the nodejs. These node.js frameworks provide scalability, speed, and high performance to the projects. Right now the increase of more a more demand in web development has also surged the demand for Nodejs Web Apps and software. Although there are many nodejs frameworks still, some frameworks have captured the wider audience of the market.

Best Nodejs frameworks for web apps

There are many nodejs frameworks available in the market but only a few have got too much popularity due to the functions provided by them. They are being utilized, tested, and modified with each passing day to provide better outcomes.


Express js is also known as simple express, the framework is quite popular when working with web development. It is available in open source and comes under the MIT license framework. Nodejs is used by almost 20 million websites including popular names such a

Facebook, and other websites.

The original framework nodejs framework was used for web applications snd user-centric solutions.

  • Nodejs provides a set of features to ensure flexible development for mobile and web application development.
  • It allows developers to easily integrate with instant API.
  • It ensures that the server-side tools are created effortlessly.


This is another javascript framework used for backend services. It is mostly used with the nodejs to ensure flexibility. The best part of feather.js is that it can work with multiple databases. The function of real-time execution of tasks provides major comfort to the developer.  Apart from this, it also provides extreme use in fixing the glitches for mobile and web app development.

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  • It is a lightweight framework.
  • It provides Automatic RESTful API for better support while development


Total.Js offers a CMS-like experience with the node js environment. The framework is also available with helpdesk and Eshop.  You can easily tap into the future of IoT and rest services and create superfast applications. With total.js you can get everything with lower maintenance.


  • Real-time tracking is easier with total.js.
  • Its Multiple database compatibility gives flexibility to developers.


Derby is also an open-source framework especially build to create modern web applications.

Derby is all focused on permitting users to build fast-loading real-time websites that are more flexible and enhanced.  Derby uses templates that can be provided in both browser and the server.

While using a browser, DerbyJS can render data with fast, native DOM methods.


  • Derby provides Real Time Collaboration.
  • Components and data binding function


The socket is a full-stack node js framework. It is best suited when the developer is using multiple programming languages.

Socket is known for building real-time applications which enhance feature that is necessary for instant connectivity. It has the ability to use binary communication to provide a great speed for API integrations and other features.


  • It provides Binary streaming support and multiplexing
  • It does provide real-time auto-reconnection support.


Nodejs frameworks are best to use for web devleopment. This is the reason that every nodejs development company is recommending these to every client. For Nodejs development, these frameworks are best to use for any web and mobile app.

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