5 reasons why online gambling is growing rapidly in India

5 reasons why online gambling is growing rapidly in India

Although India has been one of the countries hardest hit by COVID-19, the good news is that experts predict that the country’s economy will grow 9.5% in the next six months. This, because before the pandemic occurred, many industrial sectors of the country were already growing rapidly, online casinos being one of the new industries thanks to the fact that now the population has more than 650 million users in the country, a consequence of the Indian Digital Initiative of the Indian government.

The online gambling industry goes beyond the simple act of gambling, and that is what this article aims to: explaining why it is an industry that is growing at an unexpected rate and is becoming one of the most innovative in India.

1. Digital Growth

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the population in India now has greater access to the internet, thanks to the initiatives that the government has implemented since 2016 to digitize the population. Likewise, access to smartphones is also easier, and now people can make use of all kinds of applications, both for work and education, as well as for entertainment, with online games being one of the favorites in this regard.

2. Gaming Options related to the Indian culture

Games like Teen Patti now have multiple versions online that enhance the excitement of the game. This card game originating in the Indian subcontinent is closely related to Hindu culture and it is a tradition to play it during Diwali with family and friends. Now that people have access to a digital version, available on any smartphone, it is easier to connect and play with other people over the Internet.

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3. More access to easy payment options

One of the benefits that the digitization of the population in India has brought has been accessing digital wallets, facilitating online payments in digital stores and, in the case of gambling, in online casinos. The easy access and the fact that it can be done from anywhere has encouraged the population to gamble online.

4. New job opportunities

Behind an online game available in any of the casinos that we can find by doing a simple search, there is an entire creative team behind it, which goes not only from software developers but also designers, content creators, web managers, among many others. Job positions. Being an industry in constant growth, the greater the labor demand.

5. Bonuses and Promotions adapted to the Indian Market

Finding bonuses and special promotions is normal in casinos, it is a strategy to attract new users. They are usually very good opportunities and generate good results. However, for a person who was in India, wanting to access these benefits in an international casino was quite difficult. Now that the industry is growing, casinos are tailoring their offering to the needs of the Indian market. And in addition, new casinos with Indian identity have been opened.

In short summary

In short, the greater access by the population to the internet has generated a great interest in online entertainment. Although the market is not completely regulated, the truth is that the government is already studying the possibility of regularizing the situation.

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