5 Things you should never do in a casino

5 Things you should never do in a casino

Going to a casino can be a very exciting experience, particularly for novices who only start to discover the fascinating world of gambling. With a multitude of games available it can take a while for a beginner to figure out what they do or do not like. Similarly, new players at Bezy can easily make mistakes and there are certain things you should never do in a casino.

Gambling under the influence of alcohol

Bars are a key part of every casino and players are encouraged to have some drinks so they feel more confident and can spend more money. Simultaneously, drunk gambling is never a good idea. First, alcohol has an impact on the decision-making process and it may be difficult for you to consider the correct approach to win and to judge how other players do it. Second, you will spend so much money and lose a large amount of your savings. Third, you may be embarrassed by the misconduct and perhaps kick out of the casino.

Gambling without a set budget

Before playing at a casino you should set a gambling budget as one of the most important things. That means that you still have to decide how much to spend at night.

It helps to prevent you from wasting too much money and later regret it. In addition, the budget will help you determine how much you will spend on each game. You can try different things in this way rather than spend all on a single bet.

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Playing American roulette over European roulette

The rule primarily applies to unfamiliar players. Both types of roulettes vary and it can really affect how much money you can win if you choose the wrong one. The distinction is that the US roulette is one null above the European roulette. The reality is that Europe’s Roulette has half the edge of America. It doesn’t seem like a lot. This means that when you play the first, you are two times as likely to win.

Using ATMs

There is still a need to get prepared for a casino financially. The casino ATM rates are exceptionally high and up to 7% of the withdrawal amount can be charged. Casinos know that they can charge this, because many players unexpectedly find themselves out of cash and can’t afford to use their ATMs if they continue to play. However, sometimes the best choice is to just go home until we spend all our money.


It may seem intuitive, but it’s certainly the most important rule – don’t cheat. Each casino has cameras controlled by security services at all times and you will face serious consequences if you are caught cheating. You will get kicked out of the premises and be prohibited from returning, fined or even charged with a crime. You may have to pay up to £10,000 and you can even be sentenced to prison for committing a crime.

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