5 Wicker Storage Baskets for Your Cozy Home

5 Wicker Storage Baskets for Your Cozy Home

Wicker Storage Baskets Our home is the central place for us to achieve optimum comfort and keep all stresses away—a place where we find peace and solace from the pressures and demands of our workplaces. However, we cannot attain the utmost serenity when we have a less arranged and less organized home. 

To prevent yourself from encountering such a nuisance, you can try expanding your organization skills and invest in these wicker storage baskets! Investing in this stuff is quite practical, especially that modern housing is more on minimalist interior designs. Check out our list for you to have a broader selection for your home storage. 

Goodpick Woven Storage Basket

We will start with this extra-large storage basket that is ideal for your indoor plants. It is versatile as it has a neutral color, allowing you to have more options whether you place it in your living room or bathroom. Your house’s color combination will make it easy to blend with the Goodpick Woven storage basket; quite an excellent wicker baskets choice. 


You can also store other stuff in this wicker basket without limiting yourself to indoor plants only. The Goodpick Woven storage comes with a jute basket and handles wherein you can also store blankets, magazines, linens, books, and toys.  This basket has a soft texture like that of cloth and durable at the same time because of its wicker rattan design. 

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Bird Rock Home Woven Storage Shelf Organizer Baskets

The Birdrock home woven storage is perfect for your office papers and other important documents. Also, an excellent choice for your books and magazines as it comes with a sturdy and more organized setting. This abaca wicker basket is durable because of its material. It gives you a better way to manage your personal belongings without ruining aesthetics. 

It is pretty practical to balance practicality, convenience, and beauty at the same. This durable wicker storage offers adequate space with its 8.25” height x 11.75” length x 10” width. Also, the Birdrock Home Woven storage comes with three baskets upon purchase, good value for money. 

StorageWorks Seagrass Wicker Storage Baskets

If you are quite challenged with organizing your bathroom, try out the Storageworks Seagrass wicker storage basket! You do not have to confuse yourself on which essential to use or where you’ve left your other needs. You can store it all in this wicker storage basket. Another good quality trait of this storage basket is that it is made out of 100% natural seagrass. 


You can attain better convenience as these rectangular wicker baskets come in pairs. You can segregate your essentials better without compromising the beauty of your bathroom. Aside from essentials, you can also store your hand towels, face towels, and other toiletries. They are guilt-free to use as they are naturally handcrafted seagrass storage boxes. 

Household Essentials Decorative Wicker Chest

Although the Household Essentials decorative wicker chest is flexible when it comes to blending in with other interior designs, it is best combined with rustic design and modern Scandinavian. Its large, durable structure allows it to be utilized as a storage bench. You can use this either indoors or outdoors as it is also a perfect choice for tea and coffee time. 

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It might be larger than the other wicker storage baskets, but it is pretty convenient to use with its lightweight material. It is composed of a metal frame and seagrass paper rope to ensure your storage’s durability. You can also choose from pretty good colors such as black, brown, dark brown, or white, depending on your home’s compatibility theme.  

Round Hamper Basket With Handles

Hampers are usually taken for granted by other people because of their specific functions. Although they are meant to be storage for used and dirty clothes, it does not mean that they do not deserve to look attractive. With this GooBloo round hamper basket, you can maintain your storage’s attractiveness while maintaining its full functionality. 

It offers a generous amount of space and with easy-to-use handles. The Ibiza design makes it stand out from the rest. Although plastic hampers are also durable and convenient to use, this round hamper basket is prettier with its color combination and softer materials while maintaining the same function! 


Wicker storage baskets are on trend and are avidly enjoyed for both their style and function. Any of these wicker baskets will certainly find a great place in your home as they offer both beauty and convenience. Visit Storables.com to try one now! 

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