6 Best Anti-Spyware Software

6 Best Anti-Spyware Software

Cybercrime and Cybersecurity are two terms that have co-existed since the inception of the internet era. There is always a plethora of coders who create spurious malware to hack into your system, connection, or accounts and retrieve all your personal information. In certain cases of extreme fraud, users have also suffered a monetary loss at the hand of such malware. Therefore, arises the need for all internet users to secure the cyber environment in which they operate. With new malware techniques evolving every day, it becomes imperative for cybersecurity companies to offer resolutions before any serious threat arises. It is in light of this context that we discuss the 6 best anti spyware software available.

What is Spyware?

We all have heard and secured ourselves against viruses and usually kept our systems updated with the latest anti-virus solutions. But does an antivirus provide us security against spyware as well? What is spyware and how it differs from a virus?

In a brief, spyware is a specific type of unwanted software that covertly collects your information. A virus is a specific way software can be covertly distributed, often by email.

Defining an Anti-Spyware and it’s need

This brings the need for us to understand what is anti-spyware and how it is different from anti-virus and why it is required additionally.

Antivirus software is designed to detect, block, and remove viruses from our systems. Anti Spyware is a software which detects malicious applications known as Spywares.

Major Spyware Frauds include

Keylogging: Keyloggers capturing keystrokes wherein unwanted software track and even keep a screenshot of the keys pressed by the user and then make a combination to retrieve usernames and passwords.

Trojan Stealing Data – A Trojan looks like a useful program or a game, however, it carries along some malicious codes which steals your personal data like Credit Card details, Social Security Number and password.

Advertisers Tracking Browser History – Present-day Advertisers in an effort of promoting their products and providing customized solutions are using a variety of techniques to track user browsing history and habits.

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Webcam Spyware – While webcams make remote meetings and conferencing convenient, they also put forward a malware threat. There are variety of malwares that can turn on the webcam without your permission and track all your activities.

Internet of Spies – In a modern-day household home network supports a collection of computers and mobile devices. Behind the scenes, they also support an even bigger collection of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. An unsecured IoT device creates a potential threat of spies into your household habits and activities.

These were some of the potential threats of spyware. Usually, some good anti-virus solutions protect us against these spywares, however, sometimes arises a need for strong protection against these malicious activities and this is the reason today we evaluate the 6 best anti-spyware software.

Identifying the 6 best anti-spyware solutions

With a number of options available in the market, a user needs to understand which particular anti-spyware best meets their requirement and what considerations to keep in mind while purchasing. We have tried to provide our readers the 6 best anti-spyware software which are best fit for them.

The 6 best anti-spyware software that we would be presenting are the most powerful programs which were able to detect and destroy even the most deceptive spyware.

Systweak Antivirus – One of the best and the most recommended antivirus software in our list is Systweak Antivirus by Systweak Software. Awarded by Virus Bulletin Ltd. this is really effective. The licenses provided by the company come in three different kinds including Individual, Real-Time protection and Family. You can enjoy real-time protection and stop any virus from even taking any action, remove any malware before it starts harming your computer, get rid of startup apps which are slowing down your computer’s boot up time. This is a complete package and great for people looking for all around protection.

McAfee Total Protection – Ranking number 2 in our list is McAfee Total Protection. The Total Protection plan offers malware, spyware, and virus detection and removal. Along with this, it also offers unlimited VPN, performance optimization, and safe web browsing. It has great detection capabilities, excellent features, offers real-time protection, dark web monitoring, 24X7 customer support.

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Total AV Antivirus Pro – Total AV provides really good anti-spyware protection. However, the free version is not as useful. The paid version of the software offers a range of features as Spyware detection and removal, Adware cleaner, Phishing protection, Remote access firewall, Device optimization tools.

Bitdefender Total Security – Bitdefender tops in detecting and removing viruses, including spyware. It was also awarded as the “Product of the Year” from AV-Comparatives in 2019. Bitdefender’s specializes in protecting financial information. It provides a secure browsing tool by the name “Safepay”. It also provides some additional features as multi-layer ransomware protection, password manager, microphone monitor, webcam protection.

Malwarebytes – The number 5 anti-spyware in the list is Malwarebytes. It does not rely on the list of spyware but monitors the files and applications. If it finds an application acting suspiciously, it immediately takes action to eliminate the threat. However, where Malwarebytes lags is not offering a firewall and a VPN which its competitors are offering.

Avira Antivirus Pro – Standing strong at this position is Avira Antivirus Pro which takes the last slot in the 6 best anti-spyware software list. It offers great security against malware and spyware in real-time. Avira Antivirus Pro specializes in detecting and eliminating key-loggers. Additionally, it offers multi-layer ransomware protection, password manager, microphone monitor, webcam protection. It makes a great choice even for slow computers.

So, this is our list of the 6 best anti-spyware software currently available. However, there is a range of other software available in the market and ultimately it is up to the user which anti-spyware to choose. We strongly recommend evaluating the software performance, review the existing customer feedback, and compare the features before making a purchase decision.

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