6 Best Ways to Fix Ping in Pubg on Mobile

6 Best Ways to Fix Ping in Pubg on Mobile

PUBG is known to be one of the renowned and popular online games and allows multiple players to play at a single time. The game servers are always adequate, but at times, we tend to face issues like higher pings, making the gameplay unresponsive.

Some users also can have a slow internet connection, while others have better connectivity but cannot seem to have ping lower than 100ms in many cases. To resolve the same, we have listed many ways to fix the ping in your PUBG mobile. Here is the guide straightforward, let’s get started:

  • Game Booster:

Many smartphones arrive with the inbuilt game boosters designed to stop or pause background activities to have gameplay. The game boosters can also optimize the device performance by bringing the latency down and prioritizing the current game bandwidth. Once you fix the issues to enjoy the PUBG experience, you can also try PUBG hacks.

  • Disable background syncing:

One of the other ways to fix the PUBG mobile ping is to stop the background apps from syncing. You can perform it on any Android device by opening the setting and then going to the apps. Then select the apps which you find suspicious and then tap on “Restrict the data usage.” You can now uncheck “Mobile Data” and “WiFi/WLAN” both. Also, you can start with configuring the settings named “Battery Saver” in settings to restrict the background activities.

  • Also, control WiFi settings:

If you like playing PUBG on the WiFi with the internet connection and if the ping is still relatively high, you might have to manually configure the WiFi settings. To start with the same, you can open the settings page, migrate to WiFi, and then look for the “Additional Settings” or “Advanced.” Now you can look for Traffic mode and then try to change it to “Extreme Mode.” It will allow you to re-route the network resources to the applications, which will lead to a lower ping.

  • Use VPN:

Due to massive traffic, the servers for the game cannot take many requests that can lead to higher ping rates. You can simply change the PUBG mobile server to avoid the same and see if the ping can drop below a hundred. Besides that, you can also start using the VPN and connect with a different server. Many free VPN applications are available in the App Store; you can install the best one from them.

  • Repair PUBG:

In case nothing works out, you can repair the PUBG with the help of inbuilt settings. On visiting the login screen, you can tap on a button named Repair which will allow you to re-install PUBG from starting. Do note here that it will help in resetting the custom controls and gaming configurations. Nevertheless, it will reduce ping significantly while playing the game.

  • Manage Space:

If the smartphone you are using has full storage and many space constraints, you should look to clean your device to start gameplay. Also, there are many applications for creating many GBs of cache memory, even if you are not using them. Go to the setting, open Apps, and click on cleaning the cache memory of the suspicious apps. Hopefully, problems related to ping will be solved in your game.

  • Try using third-party tools:

If any of the above steps can not reduce the ping in the PUBG mobile, you can try using third-party tools. It would help if you disabled light and shadow effects, and at last, enabled GPU optimization, and it would help a lot in bringing down the PUBG.

  • Get yourself a 5GHZ WiFi Router:

If you already have a high-speed internet connection and have performed the steps mentioned above already and you aren’t able to reduce the PUBG ping to lower than 100 ms, then the router you are having is the culprit.

Nowadays, the homes consist of many smart devices using the 2.4GHZ range, and the issue is the frequency range faces a lot of congestion, and latency can be seen going worse. Getting a router with 5GHZ allows you to connect to the server faster without causing any delay in response.

Such games can help in the development of your cognitive skills. But it is essential that you indulge in such activities with suitable understanding and for a smooth experience the above mentioned tips will be of great help.


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