6 Legit Cheap Ways to Borrow Money & Get a Loan

6 Legit Cheap Ways to Borrow Money & Get a Loan

It’s no secret that the cost of living in this day and age is skyrocketing. From gas to groceries, everything seems to be costing more and more every year. This is why it’s so important for people to find cheap ways to borrow money if they need it. Read on for 6 cheap ways you can get loans without paying a fortune!

6 Cheap Ways to Borrow Money And Get Loans

These are some cheap ways to borrow money without paying too much.

1. Personal Loans

One cheap way to borrow money is to take out a personal loan. This is a cheap and fast way to borrow money, and it usually doesn’t require much in the form of collateral or good credit.

Nowadays, bad credit loans in UK are getting more and more famous as you can get a personal bad credit loan by filling up an application form. You can even get a personal loan from banks, credit unions, or even some other financial institutions such as pawnshops.

The timeline for repayment varies from 3 months to 2 years, depending on how long you need the loan for and what other requirements are necessary.

Personal loans are one way that people can borrow cheap money because the interest rates are usually fairly low. When it comes to personal loans, people usually need to have decent credit in order to get approved for them so this is not the cheapest option for people who don’t have good credit.

2. Credit Cards

Credit cards are even more cheap ways to borrow money because people can get a credit card with no credit required and the interest rates depend the person’s history with their other credit cards.

The interest rates can be as low as 0% for a while, depending on how much the person owes and what kind of card they get.

With credit cards, it’s easy to see if someone is struggling financially because they often carry balances from month-to-month. Credit cards are great for people who have good credit because it’ll be easier to get approved, but most importantly they’re cheap ways to borrow money because they don’t have to pay any interest for at least 6 months after being approved.

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Most credit cards will charge around 9%, and this is more expensive than the cheap 3% interest rate on most personal loans.

3. Family or Friends

Another cheap way to borrow money without paying too much is by borrowing from family or friends. If someone needs to borrow cheap money, they can approach their family for a personal loan. However, depending on the other circumstances it may not be cheap or fast. Friends would be another option because they’re cheaper and more likely to talk about this openly with the person in need of cheap money.

Even borrowing cheap money from family or friends can have consequences if it’s not paid back. Family will often want interest on the money they lend out so this will usually come with an added fee.

Friends are less likely to charge interest but they may still ask for something in return that’s worth just as much as the cheap money borrowed.

A cheap way to borrow money from friends is if they need help with something like a roof repair. This can be paid back by helping them out in the future and it won’t cost much because there’s no interest involved, just favors that will get returned later on down the line.

4. Home Equity Line

Another cheap way to borrow cheap money is by taking out a Home Equity Line. This cheap way to borrow cheap money won’t require much in the way of collateral or credit score, which means this cheap way to borrow cheap money will work for most people.

The cheap home equity line amount varies on the size of the loan, but on average they’re usually at least $5,000. The timeline for repayment is also short, usually just 3 years or less depending on how big or small the loan is – all depending on the interest rates. Pay by Link

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Home equity lines of cheap money are great because they require no collateral and no credit needed, but it’s still not available for everyone since some banks won’t offer them. For example, cheap home equity lines of cheap money will not be an option for people who have had bankruptcy or other financial issues.

5. Peer to Peer Lending

One cheap way to borrow cheap money is by looking into peer-to-peer lending. It’s a cheap way to borrow cheap money because it’s not expensive, there’s no collateral needed, and even people with bad credit can qualify for this cheap way to borrow cheap money. The main downside is that the loan is quite small – on average, the loan amount will be around $5,000 or less. And also, some banks will not approve someone for this cheap way to borrow cheap money if they have had bankruptcy in recent years or other financial issues.

These loans are cheap, but they might be harder to qualify for because of stricter lending guidelines and higher rates than other cheap ways to borrow money. Still, this is one option worth considering if it’s right for you.

6. Cash Advance

One more cheap way to borrow cheap money is by taking out a cash advance. This cheap way to borrow cheap money will allow someone to take out a cheap loan of around $200 or less – usually just for 1 day. This cheap loan, known as a payday loan, also has high-interest rates, so it needs to be considered because it could get expensive.

The cheap cash advance option can be advantageous but it should only be used for emergencies since the cheap rate of borrowing cheap money will accrue more interest over time.


Signing up for a personal loan, credit card or home equity line may be the best way to get out of debt. But if you can’t take on more debt in an emergency situation, consider borrowing from family members or friends, taking a cash advance at work or even going to peer-to-peer lending sites to borrow money when your bank won’t help.

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