7 Compelling Reasons to Build a Startup App Using Flutter

7 Compelling Reasons to Build a Startup App Using Flutter

What makes a startup successful? Paying customers and customer service! But as a startup owner, the most crucial aspect of a startup is having an app development platform that sets the base right for your startup. With the right technology in hand, startups can thrive with efficiency in this hyper-competitive world in the longer run. 

In this modern era, one needs an app for everything right from booking tickets to availing services. Hence, being into the startup space, you would always want to develop and deploy your app as fast as possible. And cross-platform app technologies offer a lot of state-of-the-art features to help you do so.

With that said, Flutter is one such cross-platform SDK that will help you build hyper-performing apps. But the question is, why should you, as a startup owner, build your app using Flutter? In this blog, we’ll enumerate the same.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is Google’s open-source UI SDK. It is used to develop mobile applications on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Google Fusia, etc., at lightning speed from one code base. Flutter has gained popularity more than any other cross-platform app development platform in a short period. Hence, it is safe to say that Flutter has a bright future, and it will help you develop feature-rich hyper-performing applications.

7 Reasons to Consider Flutter for Building Your Startup App

Open Source

Top apps built with Flutter leverage open-source platforms. No matter how complex the app will be, you’ll get full support in building the application by the flutter developers community for widgets, APIs, material design more. Flutter enables developers to build extensive applications without any hassle.

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Quick development

Flutter enables “write once, run anywhere functionality.” In this, developers have to write only ones and can run the code across all platforms. Along with that, the hot reload functionality allows developers to make instant changes in their code without interrupting the development process. One can easily add new features, fix bugs, and go through their codes without facing any hassle.

Awesome Widgets

You can avail many features for your mobile application with Flutter as it has a built-in catalog of widgets. You get the option of scrolling, navigation, fonts, and so on, which you can even customize according to your requirements.

Single Code Platform for all OS

The best part of Flutter is you don’t have to look after the user interface elements for each platform separately. Since the Flutter app’s platform approach reduces the trouble of working for bundles, you can easily apply the same logic for all development platforms such as Android and iOS. 

Along with that, developers can speedily develop the applications using Flutter to keep on adding new functionalities and features without changing the code right from scratch.


Suitable for MVP

For startup business owners like you, a minimum viable product is absolutely essential for paving the way to success. As you develop an MVP, you would gauge the advantages of saving time, labor, and money. You would also be able to roll out your application and get feedback on it. Flutter makes it incredibly easy for you to develop an MVP. All you need to do is a partner with a Flutter app development company and help you create an MVP of your choice.

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Flutter offers a host of animation features that will help you develop an interactive UI for your users. You can easily create customized animations and interfaces for different platforms using Flutter. It makes the app interesting for the users, eventually leading to a surge in downloads. Additionally, you can create apps that behave natively with Flutter. Your customers will love using your app for its native performance and find your startup reliable and trustworthy.

Create Responsive apps

With Flutter, you’d never miss a paying customer as you can create responsive apps which can run seamlessly across mobile, web, and desktop. Since it is a cross-platform app development SDK, it smoothly runs on both Android and iOS, gives you ample time to market your application.

Using Flutter For Building Mobile Apps In 2021

Flutter is a robust cross platform app development SDK that offers startup owners like you the freedom to build hyper-performing, smooth and secure apps. The community of Flutter developers provides help and support to create a bespoke mobile app that will take your business to the next level.

 So, what are you waiting for? Start building your app with Flutter today!



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