7 Marketing Tips for your T-shirt Business

7 Marketing Tips for your T-shirt Business

Share UGC, partner with an influencer, indulge in video marketing, create informative posts, and give out offers and discounts. We often hear about these not-so-common marketing tactics for a  variety of business industries

But as the wise man said, “Change is the law of nature.” In the field of business, customer behavior keeps changing, and so should your marketing strategies. For selling t-shirts, you should stay up-to-date with the latest trends and come up with innovative ideas such as a 3D preview with a t-shirt design tool. Here are the other tactics that marketing experts zeroed in for 2021. 

Personalization: It’s an old-school concept that keeps updating with the latest trends. Initially, it was about adding names in the email and target marketing. Then came the personalized product recommendation. And now, customers demand a personalized experience. If we fact-check it, around 80% are likely to buy from a brand that provides a personalized experience. 

By personalized experience, we mean offering them the products and offers on the products they are looking to purchase. Allowing customers to custom-design their t-shirts using a t-shirt design tool. You can even personalize the home page and the checkout process based on the user’s previous interactions and buying behavior. 

  • Sell on Social

Social commerce is taking over the world. 

As shoppers spend most of their time on social media, they find it convenient to look for products over there. Knowing this, social media platforms are taking huge steps in social commerce. For instance, Facebook launched Shops to allow retailers to set up a full-fledged store on their Facebook business page. Instagram brought in a shop feature, and Tiktok partnered with Shopify to drive online sales. 

So, if you want to sell your t-shirts, make sure you’ve a combination of e-commerce, m-commerce, and social commerce. Keep sharing your new collection on Facebook and Instagram. Add “how-to-style” videos on Tiktok and Instagram reels. You can even add videos of t-shirt designing using a designer tool. Don’t forget to share your t-shirts catalog on Pinterest. Also, join relevant groups and communities, and share your products there. 

Who knows, you may get a bulk order?

  • Add AR Flair to your T-shirt Design Tool

You might know or even used a design tool for t-shirt designing. But if you want to stand out, you need to give more than your competitors. So, bring in AR/VR and integrate it with your t-shirt design tool. When a customer designs their t-shirt, allow them to preview it in 3D. Let them try on virtually and see if that design suits their style. If not, let them design it again. 

You know about virtual fitting rooms – Timberland’s, to be precise. 


They allow shoppers to try-on clothes based on their size. Similarly, in your t-shirt business, you can implement a virtual fitting room. It often happens that customers design a t-shirt by choosing the size and order it online. However, in reality, the design stretches out and doesn’t fit as expected. So, fitting rooms would help them avoid another burdensome process. 

  • Create a Capsule Collection

Collaborate with a company, brand, or influencer that aligns with your brand’s name and create a capsule collection. It is a limited-edition collection of items. 

The capsule collection is a great marketing tactic. There are two reasons for it. First, it allows the combination of two brands. Secondly, it allows both brands to use each other’s audience for promotion. 

If implemented properly, it can yield better results.

One of the fantastic examples is Coach and Disney. Coach designed a new collection for Disney fans. A market that would normally don’t buy Coach products. However, its partnership with Disney attracted customers to its stylish collection. 

Source: etonline

Along with the brand partnership, you can even add a mix of nostalgia to it. For instance, partnering with WB and designing t-shirts of all their 80’s and 90’s cartoons. 

Every millennial’s favorite: Scooby-Doo!

  • Launch Genderless Fashion

Unisex collection is the buzzword in the fashion industry. The norms of traditional shapes and fits are now transcending. This is why brands are launching the gender-neutral collection. H&M, for instance, launched their first-ever genderless jeans collection. Anyone can buy and wear it.

If you want to be at the top in 2021, embrace this change. You can market your t-shirt business by providing a limited collection of oversize unisex t-shirts with designs inspired by poets and artists to socially and culturally relevant themes. 

Or you can provide organic fair-trade vegan t-shirts, like the No Nasties.


To add creativity to your genderless designs, be true to what you believe in.   

  • Be a ChangeMaker

‘Act Upon’ to what I said before, “Be true to what you believe in.” 

I am asking you to act because customers are smart and humans, of course. They observe how brands react to a social cause or another happening in society. They get inspired by your actions and feel proud to be your customer. So, if you want to retain a customer or turn them into loyal, you must indulge in community activities. 

It creates a positive impact on the customers. Moreover, you would be able to give back to society.

You can run awareness programs, partner with an NGO, or sponsor a social cause event. 

  • Encourage Customers to Style for Others

Recently, I came across this “Create Collection” feature while buying a hoodie online. It allowed me to share my collection with the public or keep it private. It was a simple feature, but do you know what was intriguing? It allowed customers to look at other customers’ choices and give their opinion with a like button. 

You might think about what you could do with your t-shirts, especially when you have a t-shirt design tool for customization. 

Well, you can allow customers to design t-shirts and create their collections. They can share it publicly, and if another customer wants to use the design, the designer would be given a few reward points. Once the reward points reach a specific threshold, you can give the customer a free t-shirt. 

This way, you can inspire customers to interact more with your t-shirt business. 

Adding a Few More…

Provide countdown festive offers, host giveaways, engage with customers via challenges and quizzes, work on customer feedback and review, etc. You can also add live chat support, AI voice assistants, informational blogs, and more. 

At last, marketing is all about attracting customers to purchase your product/s. Hence, implement these ideas, mix your creativity to it and focus on what works for you. 

Let us know if you have any queries with the ideas mentioned above. 



To market your t-shirt business, bring in a t-shirt design tool, create a capsule collection, provide blogs and videos, offer discounts and sales, launch genderless fashion, add personalization, and do a lot more. 


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