7 Mobile App Design Guidelines for Better UX

7 Mobile App Design Guidelines for Better UX

Do you know the mystery behind the success of applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram? It is on the grounds that they have an incredible UI plan. This is something which decides how your application is going to perform in the digital market.

You have built a mobile application. However, you do not find it eye-catching. The solution of overcoming adversity of your application relies upon various components, and the main factor is the ‘user experience’. Essentially by following the mobile application design plan, you can guarantee a productive and appealing application development..

What is the Importance of Mobile App Design?

Importance of Mobile App Design

With the tremendous increase in mobile users globally, almost all the business and services have already moved to the mobile app platform to connect better with their respective users. A mobile app is a magnificent stage to showcase your products and services to the customers. Mobile apps offer several features and options for both- user and the owner of the app. But have you wondered why mobile apps became so popular among people? And the answer is the simple interface of the app, the ease of running the app, and the ultimate user experience.

Every newly developed mobile app’s success is decided by the users. People use anything when that thing is simple, easy, and good for them. The same rule applies to the mobile app also. The app design plays a vital role in the success of the app. If any app has simple, easy to navigate, no tiny buttons, and other design factors; then there are high chances of getting success with that app. Always keep the user experience as your priority when you are designing an app as it drives more people towards your app.

Now let’s move to the 7 mobile app design guidelines to achieve a better User Experience.

List of Mobile App Design Guidelines for Better UX

 Platform Compatibility

Platform compatibility is an area that is ignored by most mobile app developers and also less talked about. But, it is the very first important aspect of an app design. In the present time, we have two (iOS & Android) major Operating Systems acquiring almost every mobile device on the planet. A mobile app should be developed according to the platform and the software (OS) updates because it is going to affect the user experience as each OS has a different navigation pattern. So, keep this in mind while designing an app.

   Simple Navigation

Experts of mobile app UX believe that app navigation is the most crucial factor in acquiring users for the app. If your app has confusing navigation and users don’t understand how to reach somewhere in the app, then your app is in trouble. To avoid this, always try to keep app navigation simple and easy. Never create too many steps (clicks) to get at any point. Just keep it smooth, clear, simple, and easy that every user enjoys it.


Showing/providing a personalized section in an app can be proved as an outstanding approach to make a user feel special and build trust with them. Personalization helps a user to reach a particular section (content) quickly and hassle-free. It offers the user to select or save stuff within the app and can access it fast whenever they want. The personalization feature is perfectly used in shopping apps. Have a look at them and see how it is providing value and a personal touch to the user. So do think to add this design feature if it is suitable to the app’s niche.

Voice interaction

With the increased utilization of voice search across the world, the voice search feature in a mobile app is becoming a common and essential feature. To improve the search process within the app, voice search plays a big role. Also, voice instructions from the app are a cool feature for the user. It enhances the quality of the app and results in a better user experience. If you think there is a need for voice search & instructions features for the user, then don’t hesitate to use them in the app.

Call-to-action button

Call-to-action buttons really help in the journey of the app’s success when it is used well. They are simple but attractive buttons within the app. Their main purpose is to take the user to the step/page/section of the app. Basically, CTA buttons are for accomplishing the decision-making process by the user. While designing the app, always keep CTA buttons simple and clear with eye-catching colour and keep the size of the buttons according to the page section of the app. Buttons should not be very large or small in size.

AR and VR

In recent time, the influence of Artificial Intelligence on digital devices has remarkably increased. In fact, experts strongly believe that AR/VR will be the main technology/feature present in the mobile app. AR/VR gives an excellent experience to the user when they are using the app. It helps the user to get exact and quick results for what they are searching within the app and hence increases the productivity of the app.

Fewer Steps

Fewer clicks to reach anywhere in the app is a wonderful feeling for the user. If the user has to go through a long and more clicks process to get to any point or section in the app, then surely it is disgusting for them, which will make users hate your app and uninstall it because the UX is affected badly by too much click process. So, always try to keep minimal clicks (pressing buttons) to reach any place in the app. Quick and easy steps that lead to the desired section is the demand for better UX of the mobile app.

Final Thoughts:

The success of a mobile app is truly based on User Experience and the design of the app decides whether the UX is good or not. The design of the app should be done while keeping the user in mind. Whatever is the design, it must be convenient to use and easy interface for the user. If your user is happily browsing the app, it is a winning app. Here, we have seen the 7 best mobile app design tips that you can use in your next app. Moreover, we publish articles related to mobile app development so stay tuned with us for more tips and guidelines on mobile app development.

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