A Deep Dive into KTM Price in India: Features, Performance, and More

KTM has carved a niche in the Indian two-wheeler market with its dynamic range of motorcycles. Known for its racing legacy and high-performance bikes, KTM offers a blend of style, speed, and innovation. From its inception to becoming a favoured brand among enthusiasts, KTM’s journey in India is a testament to its commitment to excellence.

Let’s explore the various aspects of their motorcycles in India, focusing on their features, performance, and the all-important – KTM price in India.

KTM Models and their Features

KTM’s range in India includes diverse models tailored to different riding preferences, each boasting unique features and specifications.

KTM Duke Series

The KTM price in India for its Duke series starts from approximately ₹1,78,892 (ex. Showroom price).

The KTM Duke Series, encompassing the 390 Duke, 250 Duke, 200 Duke, and 125 Duke, is renowned for its exceptional blend of agility, power, and lightweight construction. These attributes make the Duke series highly suitable for both urban commuting and spirited riding. Let’s delve into the details and understand the reasons for Duke KTM price in India:

Our Top Pick from Duke Series

KTM 250 Duke

Image Source: KTM

  • Engine Performance

KTM 250 Duke is equipped with a 249.07 cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, FI engine. It delivers a power output of 31 PS at 9250 rpm and a torque of 25 Nm at 7250 rpm, offering robust performance for both city rides and highway cruising.

  • Advanced Electronics and Rider Aids

This bike features state-of-the-art electronics like ride-by-wire for smoother throttle response, a Quickshifter+ for clutchless up and down gear shifts, and SuperMoto ABS for enhanced braking control. It also includes a convenient Type-C charging port.

  • Suspension and Braking System

For suspension, the KTM 250 Duke utilises WP APEX USD forks at the front and a WP APEX Monoshock at the rear, ensuring a comfortable ride and excellent handling. The braking system comprises a 320 mm front disc with a radially mounted calliper and a 240 mm rear disc with a floating calliper, providing reliable stopping power.

  • Design and Build
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The bike features a split-trellis frame with an aluminium casted sub-frame, combining lightweight construction with rigidity for better handling. It also boasts a full split LED headlamp for improved visibility and a modern look alongside a 5″ LCD display instrument cluster.

  • Comfort and Practicality

It has a fuel tank capacity of 15 litres, offering a good range for longer rides. The ground clearance is 176 mm, and it offers a saddle height of 800/820 mm, catering to riders of different heights. The kerb weight of 162.8 kg makes it a balanced and manageable bike for various riding conditions.

The Duke 250 KTM price in India starts at Rs. 2,39,000.

KTM RC Series

The KTM price in India for its RC series starts approximately from ₹1,89,542 (ex. Showroom price).

The RC series, comprising the KTM RC GP, RC 390, RC 200, and RC 125, is designed for speed enthusiasts. These bikes feature aerodynamic designs, high-performance engines, and advanced suspension systems, catering to riders looking for a track-focused experience. Let’s delve into the details and understand the reasons for RC Series KTM price in India:

KTM RC 390

Image Source: KTM

  • Engine and Performance

The KTM RC 390 boasts a 373.27 cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC, FI engine. It delivers a significant power of 43.5 PS at 9000 rpm and a maximum torque of 37 Nm at 7000 rpm. The high compression ratio of 12.88:1, coupled with Bosch EFI, ensures efficient and powerful performance, making it ideal for spirited riding.

  • Advanced Rider Aids and Electronics

The bike is equipped with modern rider aids like Motorcycle Traction Control (MTC), Quickshifter+, Cornering ABS, and a SuperMoto mode for a more aggressive riding experience. These features enhance the safety and enjoyment of the ride.

  • Suspension and Braking
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The RC 390 is fitted with WP APEX USD forks at the front and a 10-step adjustable WP APEX Monoshock at the rear, offering excellent handling and ride comfort. The braking system includes a 320 mm front disc with a radially mounted calliper and a 230 mm rear disc with a floating calliper, ensuring effective and responsive braking.

  • Design and Build Quality

It features a split-trellis frame with a newly engineered bolt-on subframe, which contributes to its agility and strength. The LED headlamp and TFT multifunction display add to its modern and sporty aesthetic, providing clear visibility and useful riding information.

  • Comfort and Practicality Features

The RC 390 has a fuel tank capacity of 13.7 litres, suitable for long rides without frequent refuelling. The saddle height is 835 mm, accommodating a range of rider heights, and the ground clearance is 153 mm. With a kerb weight of 172 kg, it strikes a balance between stability and manoeuvrability.

The RC 390 KTM price in India starts from Rs. 3,18,173 (ex. Showroom price)

The KTM range in India, with its diverse lineup, offers something for every type of rider, from the urban commuter to the track enthusiast. The Duke and RC series, with their respective price points, reflect KTM’s dedication to providing high-quality, performance-oriented motorcycles at competitive rates.

With state-of-the-art technology, robust engines, and innovative designs, KTM’s motorcycles are more than just vehicles; they are a symbol of speed, style, and precision engineering. As such, the KTM price in India is all about investing in a premium riding experience that combines the thrill of racing with the practicality of daily commuting. Whether you are a seasoned rider or a newcomer to the world of motorcycling, KTM offers a dynamic and exhilarating journey on the roads of India.

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