A guide about Digital Marketing Company in Delhi/NCR

Having a career in digital marketing is one of the best alternatives that exist today.

It is a sector with plenty of long-term job opportunities, good salaries, and a wide range of growth possibilities. Blissmarcom is one of the best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi/NCR. We offer all digital marketing solutions to our customers.

What professions and areas do digital marketing cover?

When talking about professions that belong to the universe of digital marketing, a whole panorama of exciting possibilities and roles opens up. Here we tell you which are the most prominent profiles to work in the area of digital marketing.

Community Manager

He is the professional in charge of creating, managing, and maintaining a digital community in social networks around a brand, devising and following strategies to stimulate, interact, care for, and retain its followers or potential interest products services.

Social Media Manager

This professional will work for hand in hand with the rest of the team to draw up the action plan and the global strategy that a brand will follow in its different digital social media channels, covering its general and specific objectives.

It will also have to assume the task of establishing key performance indicators that measure the success of the actions.

SEO / SEM Specialist

The SEO / SEM specialist is a professional in charge of developing search engine positioning techniques through organic (SEO) and paid (SEM) strategies and optimizing the conditions of a website’s content and structure to facilitate its visibility to the user, thus increasing the traffic generated.

Email Marketing Specialist

This professional profile of the digital area is in charge of managing and administering companies or brands’ email campaigns. A key strategy to get closer to your customers or potential customers to achieve your objectives by offering valuable products, services, or content through this medium.

Graphic design professional 

He is a graphic design professional specializing in creating creative, strategic, expressive design solutions suitable for developing products and digital content with commercial objectives within the market.

Digital Analyst

This profile has the unique mission of measuring and analyzing any action related to digital marketing carried out on the network, all through collecting data and the interpretation of the same to later use them in favor within a strategy.

Digital Project Manager

The profile will lead the actions carried out by the rest of the marketing team, making sure to determine if the work is carried out in a specific time frame and following the appropriate guidelines for the client’s requests to guarantee their satisfaction. Also read kristen Messner.

How to train to work in digital marketing

There are currently many options to train you in the different profiles that belong to the digital marketing sector. If you want to start gaining the professional skills necessary to deliver your best performance, be sure to take a look at these options:

  • Join Digital marketing Courses and get masters in digital marketing
  • Free digital marketing courses taught by Google
  • Master and MBA in Digital Marketing with Scholarships
  • Udemy: Low-Cost Digital Marketing Courses

Now that you are aware of everything that involves working in digital marketing, what skills and functions you will have to develop, and your disposal options to train and work, it is up to you to leap.


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