An Ultimate Guide to Become a Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect Professional

An Ultimate Guide to Become a Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect Professional

The continuous rise in the adoption of blockchain technology has created revolutionary transformations in industries across the world. In the initial stages, people believed that blockchain had been created only for the financial services sector. However, a trusted CEBA expert would tell you otherwise. 

Blockchain solution architects are the professionals who design and develop the architecture associated with blockchain systems. 

The primary role of a Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect or CEBA professional revolves around developing and implementing blockchain solutions that could help organizations improve their business processes with security. How could you become a CEBA professional? The following post offers an answer with a detailed roadmap for your career as a CEBA professional. 

What Are The Roles and Responsibilities of CEBA Professionals?

The first thing you need in a roadmap for becoming a CEBA professional points to the roles and responsibilities. You can become a Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect Professional only by understanding the responsibilities you have to address in blockchain architect job roles. 

The knowledge of the important responsibilities of CEBA professionals could help you identify the skills required for serving your responsibilities. The job responsibilities of certified blockchain architect include, 

  • Development of technical specifications and architectures for distributed systems. 
  • Conduct research and evaluate new blockchain technologies to determine the ideal recommendations for design new solutions. 
  • Leadership of blockchain systems’ design, development and implementation phases according to customer requirements. 
  • Monitoring and maintenance of performance in blockchain-based systems. 
  • Analysis of existing systems and identifying prospects for streamlining processes and improving efficiency.
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What Are The Skills Required for Blockchain Architects?

The responsibilities of CEBA professionals provide a clear impression of the type of skills required for everyday tasks in the job of blockchain architects. To become a CEBA professional, you must have the essential skills for addressing your job responsibilities. Here is an outline of the important skills required for becoming a CEBA professional.

  • Experience in working with blockchain systems.
  • Practical involvement in the architecture of personalized blockchain projects.
  • Prior knowledge of platforms such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda and Polygon.
  • Fluency in programming languages such as JavaScript, Python and C++.
  • Knowledge of data structures and standard algorithms.

The job of a CEBA expert requires effective implementation of these skills along with resourceful usage of business acumen. Interestingly, the job description also comes with an appealing salary estimate for the efforts you invest in learning the skills. 

How Can You Become a Blockchain Architect?

The outline of the responsibilities of blockchain architects serves as a clear impression of the real tasks you would have to do on the job. However, beginners are likely to have doubts regarding the ideal strategy for becoming a CEBA professional. Can you find special CEBA courses to achieve the objective? Yes, you can browse through the training library of 101 Blockchains for courses on blockchain architecture concepts like smart contracts. 

You can learn more about Ethereum technology and the practical solutions based on blockchain technology, such as dApps, DeFi and NFTs. 

On top of it, 101 Blockchain also provides the CEBA certification, which can boost your professional profile. The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect certification training course can prepare you for serving as a trusted guide in the blockchain transformation initiatives of organizations. 

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Candidates could use the certification training course to familiarise themselves with different types of enterprise blockchain platforms. You can understand the features of platforms such as Ethereum, Polygon, Hyperledger Fabric and Corda. At the same time, you would also learn how to create technical specifications for the design of blockchain systems. 

Final Words

The roadmap for becoming a certified enterprise blockchain architect professional involves comprehensive training in fundamental concepts of blockchain architecture. After covering the fundamentals, you must go through professional training to familiarize yourself with smart contracts and Ethereum technology. 

The concepts could help you understand how blockchain systems work from a granular perspective. You would have to choose reliable resources such as the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect certification course for a competitive advantage in your career. The certification training course serves as the ideal instrument for specializing in the concepts underlying the design of blockchain systems. 

Find more details about the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect certification on 101 Blockchains and the topics covered in the certification. You can build a career as a professional blockchain solutions architect after completing your training and certification under experts right now.        

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