How Android Push Notifications Can Improve User Engagement by Leaps and Bounds

How Android Push Notifications Can Improve User Engagement by Leaps and Bounds

Push notifications help in boosting user engagement. Do you want to know how it works? Read this blog.


There are ample features of your mobile applications that can swiftly engage your users. And surprisingly, push notifications are one of them. 

When used intelligently, push notifications can enhance user engagement by 85% to 88%. But be cautious, your push notifications can also turn your users against you.

The study explained that more than 50% of users think that push notifications are annoying. Such notifications tend to ignore user objectives, use the wrong tools, disdain content, and other things.

When you create push notifications, you want to create more user value, so be it. Read this blog to know how push notifications can engage users and give them a happy experience.

Let’s begin with a brief introduction to push notification

What Is Push Notification?

Android push notifications are short, timed, and clickable messages that display on the user’s device even though they do not open the app. These notifications do not require an email address or any other information; the only thing required is that the user must have enabled push notifications on the android they use.

Plus, business owners use push notifications to remind or inform the users about new products, sales offers, and discounts.

Tips To Get More And More Users With Push Notifications

Here are some ingenious ways in which you can use android push notifications to improve user engagement by leaps and bounds:

  1. Make Use Of the Actionable Call To Action Button On High Traffic Pages

The first tip is to use an actionable call to action button on high traffic pages if you want to lure potential users to subscribe to make user engagement better.

You can do this by providing product updates, discounts, and special offers. And you know what would work the best for your first-time customers.

  1. Abandoned Shopping Cart

People leave carts for several reasons. And this is a common issue that is faced by online businesses frequently.

Indeed, people often leave websites before finalizing a purchase, you can not prevent them from hopping to another website. But you can bring them back to your website.

Wondering how you can do this?

Well, by using abandoned cart push, you can retain your users. It works by sending a user an automated push notification.

Let’s discuss its sequence:

  • People add products to their carts.
  • They start reviewing them.
  • They are distracted by something
  • Then, they leave your site.
  • After half an hour, they get a push notification reminding them of their shopping cart.
  • Users who open the push notification are taken back to your website where they can recover their abandoned shopping carts and make a purchase.

#Pro tip: you can include product images in cart reminders.

  1. Low-Cost Alerts

Price is the most effective motivator in buying decisions. 

So many shoppers make price comparisons before finalizing their purchases. And they also remain ready to wait for the cost of products to fall before buying.

This is an excellent opportunity to boost user engagement. This is another tip for you.

So start sending price drop alerts to customers.

  1. Regularly Make Improvements

One more way to boost user engagement is to keep improvising. Making improvements in your android push notification content continuously will take you a long way. 

Do experiments with words, length, emojis, images, and other robust media to attract users to your website.

#Pro tip: You must bury in mind that always doing testing before implementing is critical.

  1. Use Attractive And Dynamic Content

Dynamic contents mean data is gathered from app use patterns or the user’s app profile. It is changeable push notification content that personalizes each user’s notifications.

For example, Netflix uses users’ streaming habits and sends push notifications that contain a user’s name to make the personalizing factor more attractive.

So, you must follow this tip along with other tips to retain users.

  1. Fix a Timescale For Push Notifications Based On Local Geo-Location

A user gets irritated if their android beeps at the odd time. So, make sure you schedule push notifications based on local geo-location.

To do this, use the client timezone function. It will send a push notification based on the subscriber’s timezone.

#Pro tip: Make sure you are putting an expiry date on the push notification.

Bottom Lines

These are some tips by which you can use android push notifications to improve your user engagement. So start creating push notifications at WonderPush as we monitor the conversion of your push notification in real-time, and you can conveniently start using push notifications within just 15 minutes.


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