7 Benefits of Toll-Free Numbers for Business

7 Benefits of Toll-Free Numbers for Business

A toll-free number is a modern solution that helps businesses improve the level of interconnection with customers and increase client loyalty by staying in touch and providing convenient tools for communication. It is a multichannel number that allows communicating with people located in any corner of the world. Calls can be received by any hardware (not only a smartphone but a computer, a mobile app, etc.).

TOP-7 Pros of Registering a Virtual Number for your Company

  1. The creation of a local presence

This solution works out if you want to cover wide geo and enlarge your presence on new markets. For example, if you want to enter the American market and provide your services in the USA, a US virtual phone number will help you stay in touch with American customers.

Opening a toll-free number will help you get in touch with citizens of other states or just countries by creating the illusion of local presence. You may not even have a branch there, but customers even won’t know that they call managers who are located in other countries.

  1. Reduction of expenses spent on international communication

By opening a virtual number with a local code, businesses avoid making calls in roaming. Making international calls via toll-free numbers is more profitable since fees are significantly lower compared to roaming tariffs. This solution is especially prominent for international logistics companies.

  1. No psychical equipment and wires

Minimum wires, additional equipment, and investments in infrastructure. It is enough to choose the right telephony service provider for business esim and purchase high-quality headsets for call center employees or sales managers.

  1. Connection of virtual regional numbers for trading in different regions
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In some cases, connecting a regional virtual number can increase the number of hits up to 18%, and it will also help you get a more loyal audience. Online store owners usually prompt website visitors to select a city and, depending on the results, show the correct contact number or form a page with the correct number based on each user’s IP address.

  1. A convenient tool for the distribution of calls between managers or operators

Set up a voice menu, and the virtual PBX will always redirect a client to a competent specialist. To do this, a caller needs to correctly indicate the purpose of the call: place an order, clarify the terms of delivery, etc. If the required employee does not pick up the phone within 10–15 seconds, the call is automatically redirected to another free operator.

  1. The reduction in the number of lost calls

The CallBack function will allow you to forget about lost calls. If you have a website, you can place a widget with a callback form and ask potential customers to leave their phones to get in touch with them later. The widget calls the client in 30 seconds, 1 minute, after another time period (usually it is indicated directly in the form) or during business hours if the request is left in the evening or at night.

  1. Ease of connection and registration

To connect a virtual number, it is enough to leave a request on one of the numerous websites. Managers will get in touch within a few minutes and set the required connection.

Additional Services for Virtual Numbers

In addition to the basic services when using the Virtual PBX, businessmen can connect additional ones that will make communication with colleagues and clients as easy as possible. The following services will help simplify communication and improve customer loyalty:

  • call recording, which allows you to control the quality of the conversation with customers;
  • the function of turning on background music to make waiting for the operator’s response more pleasant;
  • the IVR menu will redirect incoming calls helping clients quickly and easily get to the right department of your company;
  • the Callback widget (site phone) will allow your customers to order callbacks from the site;
  • “Blacklist” makes it possible to block numbers from which junk calls are received. The “Anti-spam” function automatically blocks calls from numbers that have ever been identified in spam attacks;
  • call distribution conditions allow receiving incoming calls, based on the established work schedule, and rationally distributing them among various departments and employees;
  • voice mail will allow the client to leave information if he/she could not get through;
  • using the redirecting function, you can redirect a call from a client to a mobile (or other) device if it is impossible to answer from an office phone.
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To conclude, note that thanks to a single virtual number, the business can expect a significant rise in revenues of up to 35% and a reduction in costs by up to 40%. And this is far from the only advantage of connecting a virtual number. Thus, registering a toll-free number is worth consideration, especially if you have an international business and want to explore new world markets.


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