Best Business Internet Providers in the USA

Best Business Internet Providers in the USA

Living in a digital world or running a business in the global market is not as easy as it seems. What we need to stay with the fast pacing world is the internet. Especially, if we talk about the corporate world things are working largely through the internet. That’s the reason it is now vital for businesses to have a strong, reliable, and fastest internet solution.

However, getting the right internet connection for your business is way more difficult than acquiring it for a household. There are plenty of factors you may need to consider if you want to subscribe to a promising solution. It is like searching for an internet plan capable enough to manage the needs of the entire workforce you have in your office and to efficiently improve the operational performance of your business.

Spectrum Internet has some amazing entertainment bundles that can complement your internet needs perfectly. To learn about ISPs in your area offering relevant internet planinternes, keep reading!

Things You Need to Consider to Get the Best ISP for Your Business

Service providers offering internet, phone, and cable TV services for residential users are the ones providing the same services for commercial users as well. But it is your responsibility to choose the plan that contains integral elements you need to have a smooth and trouble-free journey with the ISP.

So, let’s explore the below-mentioned factors you should keep in mind while exploring different ISPs in your area.

Know Your Need

Before diving into the exploration for the ideal ISP for your business, thoroughly figure out the accurate need of your business. The needs will depend on the size of your company, the number of employees working in it, dependency on the internet for carrying out operations, number of smart devices, downloading and uploading activities, and the size of your office space.

What Price You Can Afford to Pay?

The second most important factor is affordability. In simple words, how much can you pay for your desired internet plan? Generally, for the fastest internet speed the ISPs often charge extra bucks especially while offering services to corporate clients. Interestingly no rule of thumb guarantees the best experience with a highly-priced internet plan. So, don’t overspend on an internet plan thinking that more money will grant you more reliability.

How Fast Your Business Internet Should be?

Thirdly, you should figure out how much speed you need from your internet connection and which ISPs in your area are offering that speed within your budget. If you are running a large enterprise you can go for speeds starting from 500 Mbps. Whereas for small-size corporations, internet speeds starting from 75 Mbps would do the job.

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However, for more users and devices connected to the internet connection you need to have the fastest internet speed tier plans to assure optimal performance. Make sure you don’t blindly trust advertised speeds and opt for a speed test too.

What Type of Internet Connection will Serve Your Business Better?

Most of the features that you may desire to get in your internet connection rely on the internet connection type you pick for your business. Therefore, it is important to choose the right internet type for your business so you can acquire the optimal internet solution at the best price. The options for internet connection types you have in the USA include fiber-optic, satellite, DSL, cable, and fixed wireless.

However, the availability of these connections depends on the area your office is located and the coverage of the ISPs in your vicinity for that connection type.

Data Caps, Contractual Obligations, and Bundle Offers

Other key elements you should look for include data limits, contractual obligations, and the range of bundle offers an ISP is offering. This information will help you compare a couple of ISPs serving business clients in your area. So, you can easily filter out the most suitable ISP for your business.

6 Top ISPs in the United States of America

Since we have provided a comprehensive view of the elements you should consider while searching for the best ISP for your business, it’s time for you to check out our top pick of ISPs in the country. All the ISPs we have added here are offering the finest internet, phone, and cable TV services through their widespread network to corporate businesses, small organizations, and entrepreneurial startups.

The major distinction between these ISPs is internet speeds, internet type, availability, and pricing. So, let’s take another step to get to the perfect ISP for your business.

Spectrum Business

You can access three business services from the ISP including Business Internet, Business TV, and Business Phone at different price tags. However, the ISP does not bind you in any contract or even charge you any hidden fees. Moreover, you will enjoy the assistance of its dedicated sales support team around the clock.

Similarly, Spectrum is providing the best business value for its corporate clients via the fastest internet speed, reliable connectivity, an extended range of bundles, and a bunch of other features you would love to have for your business.  We have listed down some key features of its business solutions.

  • Price – Business Internet starting from $49.99, Business TV starting from $19.99, Business Phone starting from $19.99
  • Speed – Offers 200 Mbps, 600 Mbps, and 1 Gbps speeds
  • Bundle Offers – 200 Mbps Business Internet + Voice at $69.98/month, 600 Mbps Business Internet Ultra + Voice at $114.98/month, and 200 Mbps Business Internet + Voice + TV at $89.97/month.
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Terms and conditions may apply and these prices and features may vary from location to location, therefore, we would like to suggest you contact the sales team by dialing Spectrum phone number.

CenturyLink Internet for Business

For this ISP you have services including CenturyLink Business Fiber, Business TV—Business Entertainment Solutions Powered by DIRECTV, and CenturyLink Small Business Internet Solutions. Each of the solutions has different features, perks, price tags, internet speed, and other things to offer you. We have added detail for each of them so you can easily figure out which one to choose.

  • CenturyLink Business Fiber prices start from $65
  • CenturyLink Small Business Internet Solutions start from $50
  • Speed – CenturyLink Business Fiber goes up to 940 Mbps, and CenturyLink Small Business Internet Solutions goes up to 100 Mbps
  • Data caps – CenturyLink Business Fiber offers unlimited data
  • Contracts – CenturyLink Business Fiber and CenturyLink Small Business Internet Solutions do not require any long-term contracts
  • Bundle – CenturyLink Small Business Internet + Phone Bundles with up to 940 Mbps internet speed, freedom from an annual contract, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity for your business, as well as traditional phone and Business VoIP solutions.


Xfinity is the best ISP for accessing unlimited data and the fastest internet speed that gives you a strong and truly reliable internet connection for your business. You can make the best use of its range of internet, phone, and cable TV as standalone and/or bundled services. However, with its Business Internet, you will enjoy the following features:

  • Speed – Up to 1000 Mbps (symmetrical for downloading and uploading activities)
  • Reliability – 99.98% uptime
  • Price – $ 499.95/month


For enjoying contract-free, limitless data, the fastest internet speed, and other perks, we have another ISP on our list for you, RCN. Here are the features you can access for any of its business internet solutions below.

  • Speed – 600 Mbps – 1200 Mbps speed ranges for download
  • Price – Starting from $29.99 per month
  • Annual contracts – no
  • Data caps – none


Grande is the best option for those looking for ultra-fast internet speed for their businesses. The provider delivers reliable connectivity and consistent speeds all the time. The ISP has many amazing solutions for businesses to meet connectivity needs. Let’s have a look at the benefits you may have for subscribing to any of its solutions for your business.

  • Speed – 600 Mbps – 1200 Mbps ranges for download
  • Data caps – None
  • 24/7 support and online security
  • Annual contract – Not Required
  • Price – Starting from $39.95 per month

In a Nutshell

No business can tolerate downtime amidst high-traffic times such as holiday seasons, annual sales, Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, or others throughout the year. Therefore it is good to look for blazing internet speed, freedom from data caps, and zero latency rates in your internet connection. However, if you want to go for further research in no time then BuyTVInternetPhone is your place.

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