Brief Information on Cable Tie Mounts

Brief Information on Cable Tie Mounts

Long, multi-core wires and cables can create a huge mess. Even though the wires are protected with the insulation material, accidents can happen. That’s the reason you need to sort these wires at the earliest.

It’s practically not possible to use clamps for every wire, especially when you have a huge bunch of cables passing through the same place. So, to arrange them, you will need the cable ties which can be mounted on the walls, for fixing the entangled wires together and sort the mess.

Even when these mounts are really helpful, not many are aware of this material. For this reason, we have tried our best to explain all the basic details about the cable tie mounts.

What is a cable tie mount?

A cable tie mount comes in a rectangular or square form which can be fixed to the wall or any other surface. They have wide perforations on all four sides, through which you can pass the cables, and arrange them linearly. For example, let’s say you have three cables in the bunch. When you will implement the cable tie mounts on the surface with the wires passing through the holes, you will have three wires entering and leaving the mounted tool without overlapping each other. If you place another mount in close vicinity, the wires will remain parallel to each other without creating a fuss.

What are the benefits of this tool?

Truth be told, the cable tie mounts have several benefits which you should be aware of, especially since the cables of your computer or the kitchen appliances have tangled with each other in a messy manner. Here, we have discussed the advantages you can enjoy after using the mounting tool.

  • Prevents current overloading: Since the cables will be separated from each other, the electric fields flowing through them wouldn’t be able to interact with each other and cause current overloading, which will ultimately result in a short circuit.
  • Clear the mess: With the cable tie mounts, you will be able to separate out the wires from a tangle and then arrange them according to your convenience.
  • Easy cable identification: When you want to switch off a particular appliance, you need to identify the cable connecting it to the mains. However, if there is a cable mess, identifying the concerned wire is next to impossible. This is where the mounts will help you as you can arrange the wires properly and identify them when the time comes.
  • Can attach to different surfaces: Another great benefit of using the mounts is that you will be able to attach it to any kind of surface, be it the tabletop, the walls, or any surface like this.
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What are the types of cable tie mount?

The cable tie mounts are available nowadays in different forms, based on the surface where you are planning to attach the tool. Here, we have talked about the three main cable tie types which you will find in the market based on the surface specifications.

  • You need the adhesive cable tie to attach the mounts on a smooth surface. These mounts have open slots on all four sides for better cable management.
  • Perfect for lightweight wires, the rotating cable tie mount can be rotated through a complete three hundred and sixty degrees for better attachment.
  • The fire tree mounts are basically the cable tying tools that can be inserted directly into a panel, and separate the wire bundles easily.

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Various cable tie mounts are nowadays available widespread in the market. Using these tools, you will be able to sort a wire mesh easily and prevent further accidents that can occur due to circuit overloading, melting insulation cover, and so on. So, make sure you are getting the cable tie mounts so that you can fit almost all the wires you have easily.

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