Broadband plan for fast and reliable internet connection in Pune

Broadband plan for fast and reliable internet connection in Pune

The internet has become a part and parcel of human life. The reason for this is not hard to see with the growing digitalization of activities – from business to academics, e-commerce, online gaming, and so on. In light of this, the demand for broadband plans is ever on the increase, and Hathway has consistently provided efficient broadband internet connection plans in Pune. The company ranks among the top internet service providers in Pune, and the 4+1 internet offer from its stable is available to serve your online connection needs to a satisfactory end.

What is the 4+1 internet offer of Hathway?

As earlier emphasized, the 4+1 offer is a Hathway broadband plan designed with features to deliver an unlimited internet connection to customers. Hathway recently launched this wifi plan in Pune to serve those having businesses or living within the city. The offer is named after the entire duration that the wifi plan will last, meaning 4 months of subscription with an extra month added for free – this means you will get to have a total of 5 months of uninterrupted internet connection when you subscribe.

What does it include?

Apart from the unlimited data guaranteed with the subscription of the 4+1 Hathway broadband plan, customers will also have access to a free-to-use WiFi router that will promote efficiency. More notably, the internet connection speed of this plan is 80 Mbps which should be great for your online activities. The downloads and/uploads of files, songs, videos, etc will certainly be completed within minutes at this speed.

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The 4+1 internet offer is also integrated with zero lag smart tech to boost efficiency and give a seamless WiFi connection in Pune Again, the dependability of the 4+1 internet offer is further enhanced by the fiber technology it features. Anyone hoping to subscribe to the 4+1 wifi plan does not even have to pay any installation charge to have it fully set up.

Price of the 4+1 internet offer

The 4+1 internet offer is currently available as a bonus plan and only costs Rs. 799, without any other cost – like security deposits – required. At this price, you will be able to save on your internet connection plan even as you gain value-added services and unlimited data usage.

How Hathway is better than competitors?

There are quite a number of elements that set us apart from our competitors. For one, the cost-saving benefits our customers get from subscribing to the 4+1 Hathway broadband plan are second to none. The wifi plan is available at about 30% less than what other competitors are offering. Unlike ISPs, Hathway brings fiber networks to customers going for the 4+1 internet offer. Plus, the free installation charge that Hathway offers is not something you will get from others.

The Rs. 799 4+1 Hathway broadband plan will address your internet connection needs with great aplomb, ensuring that you do not miss out on important things online as and when due – it registers as one of the best fiber broadband plans in Pune at the moment. You can get yours today by contacting one of our customer representatives or service agents.

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