How Can I Give My Online Customers The Pay By Link Option?

How Can I Give My Online Customers The Pay By Link Option?

Whether you’re running your own ecommerce site or you are just trying to build an online presence, giving your customers the option to pay by link is an extremely helpful feature. It allows you to save time and effort, while also increasing your sales by up to 35%.

Email Is A Great Way

Whether you’re trying to send a quick reminder or promote a special deal, emails are a great way to reach customers on a personal level. They also make it easy to communicate on your own schedule. Emails can be sent from anywhere. In fact, they’re a great way to connect with mobile users. Especially if you’re an ecommerce business.

  • The most common method of collecting email addresses is through an opt-in form. You’ll need to provide a compelling offer in order to get people to sign up. Some examples of effective offers are discounts, subscriptions, and exclusive deals.
  • A high open rate will mean that your emails are seen by a larger number of people. You can use this information to reward your more engaged subscribers. However, the open rate is generally higher at the beginning of an email campaign. Ideally, you’ll want to send emails that are interesting and entertaining to subscribers.
  • There are many free email services available. You can even use a service like Mailchimp that has a highly targeted list. Using email to promote your products is a great way to build customer loyalty.
  • The best way to avoid spam is to ensure that subscribers have an easy way to unsubscribe. You can also use an automated email to remind customers of items in their cart. This will help to reduce late payments.
  • You can also use email to promote a new product. You can develop new products by listening to feedback from your subscribers. Adding humor to your emails can help to make a connection with people. A funny subject line will increase the likelihood that subscribers will open your email.
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Text Message Payment Links Allow Online Customers To Pay

Using a payment link to make a purchase is not only easier, it is safer. A link can be sent electronically or via a text message. It is also easy to implement and requires little technical know-how.

  • Besides facilitating payment, payment links also allow customers to take advantage of a number of other features. These include the ability to make multiple line items in one go, accept ACH (bank account transfers), and add custom fields.
  • Payment links are also a good way to communicate with customers. In addition to being a secure payment method, they can also be used for customer service chats and email marketing campaigns. In fact, many payment processors offer payment links as a free or low-cost service.

Payment Gateways That Support Pay By Link

Choosing payment gateways that support pay by link is critical for merchants looking to provide customers with a more convenient and secure payment experience.

  • When choosing a gateway, business owners should take the time to investigate the features and costs of each one.
  • Payment gateways are in-between services that facilitate the processing of payment transactions between customers and merchants.
  • They protect sensitive information by encrypting and transmitting financial data when people make purchases online.
  • Payment gateways also provide tools to automatically calculate tax in real time. They also come with fraud screening tools to reduce the risk of information theft. Some even offer features like identity morphing detection and OFAC list lookups.
  • Some payment gateways also support mobile payments. Depending on the provider, mobile payments may or may not be available in your country.
  • Using a payment link can be a quick and low-maintenance way to improve your customer’s experience and increase your conversions.While looking for payment links you can also pay by link using Ecompay or can also use other gateways.

Paypal As A Payment Gateway

  • PayPal provides businesses with a payment gateway that lets customers pay with debit or credit cards. They can also choose to pay with PayPal balances or linked bank accounts. Using PayPal increases conversion rates for online and mobile shoppers.
  • PayPal’s business resource suite includes cash flow management, a dispute management system and business insights. These tools help businesses run more effectively and optimize performance. They also have customer support that’s available on the phone and online. They offer payment links that make it easy for businesses to accept payments from mobile devices.
  • Using PayPal for payment links can be a good choice for small businesses because it can increase conversion rates and boost revenue. But it’s important to check the fee schedule before signing up. PayPal charges a spread on top of the current exchange rate when it processes international payments. Also, PayPal may not be able to process a payment if the card information is out of date or the customer’s balance is low.
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Criteria To Consider When Building A Payment Process

Creating an efficient and smooth payment process for online customers can boost conversion and lead to growth for your business. However, there are certain criteria to consider before you set up a process for customers. These factors can help you improve your customer experience while increasing your sales.

The first factor to consider when building a payment process is the checkout experience. If the checkout process is difficult to navigate, customers may abandon the purchase. Therefore, it’s important to avoid friction at this point. You should also ensure that there is a simple, efficient way for customers to log in and review their payment information. The auto-fill feature can also help improve completion rates.

QR Codes Are Easier To Use Than Barcodes

Despite their similarities, QR codes and barcodes are very different. They have different uses and capabilities, but they both can be a good fit for certain businesses.

  • Both are used to store information, and QRs are a lot easier to use.
  • QR codes are easy to scan
  • QR codes are also much easier to create. You can design your own with branded company colors and logos. You can also create custom edges with QR Code Generator software.


Another factor to consider when building a payment process for online customers is leveraging the existing payments infrastructure. Using this approach will reduce your administrative workload while providing a seamless customer experience. Using an existing payment gateway means that you can remove unnecessary form fields and eliminate redundant data entry.

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