Common Power Woodworking Tools for Woodshop

Common Power Woodworking Tools for Woodshop

Woodworking tools are mostly used for woodworking and have sharp edges. Commonly used electric woodworking tools include electric planes, curved saws, electric circular saws and so on.

Bench Planer

The bench planer is usually the basis of traditional skilled carpentry and is the most basic power tool. Its main purpose is to plane and straighten the base surface of a wooden square, which is the basic process for working with wood.

Hand saws and hand planes can replace the work of the bench planer after marking the lines with an inkjet. The bench planer usually has a lower rotational speed and the planed surface will have larger ripples and cannot be used directly.


Thicknesser is a commonly used woodworking tool, in order to ensure that the plane is more uniform, usually automatic uniform speed, generally 6-8 meters per minute. The speed of the thicknesser is usually higher, and the surface of the plane is more smooth and flat than that of the platform plane.

Because the wood is placed between the blade and the base plate, batches of wood can be handled and the final specifications are consistent. As an efficient device, this function can also be replaced by a manual planer.

Bench saw

Bench saw is one of the most basic electric tools for woodworking, nowadays the finished bench saws are usually equipped with lifting and tilting functions, with attachments such as a leaner and push plate. The basic use of the bench saw is to combine with the leaning to open the material, that is to say, to cut the wood square into the cross-section size we need.

From the economic point of view, many people will use ordinary electric saws to convert into bench saws in reverse. If you also want to have the basic functions of ordinary finished bench saws, you need to choose electric saws that can be lifted and tilted for conversion. Bench saws with suitable accessories and blades can be used for a variety of purposes such as tenoning and grooving.

Handheld Electric Circular Saw

A handheld electric circular saw is a regular electric saw that is generally used for larger sizes of material that cannot be used on a table saw, mostly for opening large sheets of finger-joined boards, longer and thicker wood squares for cutting off, etc.

Nowadays, many hand-held electric circular saws can adjust the height and tilt angle. There are also more rechargeable circular saws on the market, which use DC power and are more convenient to use.

Bench Drill

The size and power of the table drill have a big difference, generally for vertical opening, digging holes, and other purposes, due to the greater weight, there is a bottom pallet, and you can easily set the depth, replace the drill, with the template can do a lot of work, generally with the drill, hole opener, aircraft hole opener, etc. as accessories to use. Generally, table drills have higher power, adjustable speed, and torque.

Electric Hand Drill

The hand drill is a basic woodworking tool and one of the most common and widely used power tools, generally used in conjunction with various types of twist drills, woodworking tri-tip drills, hole openers, countersink drills, and other construction.

Due to the smaller size of the hand drill, compared to the table drill is very flexible, so more applications. Nowadays, there are two major categories of cordless drills and plug-in drills, which are divided into normal drills, cable drilling tools, electric hammers, and electric logs.

Cable drilling tools have a punching function and can be used to drill concrete walls and tiles more accurately, but the power is generally small and is limited to smaller installation holes, while electric hammers are generally more powerful for wall penetration and large holes, and are generally used for renovation purposes.

Engraving machine

Engraving machines are professional manufacturers and enthusiasts who will use a tool, The woodworking engraving machine is also known as bakelite milling. Engraving machines can be used with a variety of knife blades used to complete the grooving, trimming, digging holes, mortise and tenon, color, and many other functions. There are about dozens of commonly used cutter heads, common for several hundred.

There are usually two categories of engraving machines: manual mechanical engraving machines and laser engraving machines. Among the many well-known engraving machine websites, katway is typical. The pneumatic engraver inside it is the latest popular engraving machine style.

Trimming Machine

Trimmers are simply smaller bakelite mills, smaller in size, less powerful, and with a diameter of one-fourth of an inch in imperial measurements, or about 6.35 millimeters. There are many different types of blades, but they are generally smaller.

Because of its lightweight, it is very convenient to use one-handed operation, mostly used for trimming, so-called trimming machine. The function is basically the same as the engraving machine, but the working depth and width are limited to the power, which cannot be too big.


Jigsaws as the name suggests, handheld motorized equipment used to handle all types of curved openings, have a greater use.

Jigsaws are mostly used to process wood into openwork, curved shapes, flower shapes, shaped shapes, and so on. Jigsaws can also be used to sew straight lines, which requires a suitable jigsaw and replacement of the applicable saw blade, but the efficiency is lower, and the treated surface is rougher or even has a larger error in the upper and lower dimensions.

Nail Gun

Nail gun for woodworking is divided into mosquito nail guns, nail guns, straight nail guns, etc., with an air pump to provide high-pressure gas as the driving force, and now there are also electric nail guns, the operation is more flexible, but the price is higher.

Nail guns in woodworking machine decoration and woodworking production on an extremely wide range of uses is a very popular means of connection. Often times a nail gun connection is the only option.


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