Create and promote your brand identity with custom business cards

Create and promote your brand identity with custom business cards

The biggest thing about custom business cardsis the easy-to-personalize design templates they have. They play a clinical role in making a great first impressions. The business card templates entail high professional quality without hiring a qualified graphic designer. You need to select the edge design and shape to focus on the brand.

  • Choose a template that showcases your style, needs, and industry. You can use the free-design kit for adding your own text, images, and logo whenever you want. You can even check online providers who sell personalized stationery items. You can tell your requirements and they will design and print your business card for you.
  • You print the business cards on premium paper stocks with premium soy-based colors and inks.
  • After choosing the template, you can customize it with your fonts, colors, and personalized text. It takes some time to review your card design before approving it and placing your order.
  • The online companies can deliver the custom business cards in record time. The turnaround time for their printing is super-fast.
  • Standard business cards have square, slim, and standard formats. They come in premium papers.
  • Ultra-business cards are the most luxurious and thickest ones on the market. They add an attractive color pop to your card’s edges.
  • The folded cards allow you to feature more information and imagery. You fold it in two different styles.
  • You print uncoated business cards on writable matte paper. These cards are perfect for appointment or/and note cards, providing a classic, clean look.

Cards with rounded corners

When it comes to setting the first impressions, minute details can make a world of difference. Visiting cards with rounded corners have a unique feel, setting them apart from other cards. Their memorable, modern look helps keep your organization at the helm. So, if you want to stand out, the time is ripe to cut corners.

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Apart from the standard matte finish, premium matte, and premium glossy finish, you also have standard matte spot UV and premium plus glossy finish.

  • The first one entails a very glossy coating on matte paper with superior matte lamination.
  • They are ideal for high contrast shades, large text fields, and bold text. Apply Spot UV on the coloring areas.
  • Don’t use them on blank white spaces in the template.

Making a custom card

To make your custom business cards, you need to open a new page. Open an online tool/site on your PC or run the app from your phone. Sign up or log in using Facebook or Google, and search for custom business cards to get into the designing process.

  • Browse the sea of readymade templates. Online tools have hundreds of card templates to add an impetus. You can filter them for business theme, style, industry, or color scheme.
  • The next step is to personalize your design. Your business card must truly represent you. Add relevant information and interchange your colors and fonts that reflect your business.
  • You can also create different versions of your cards for different customers/clients.
  • With so many design ingredients, you have the bandwidth to get creative. You can explore millions of fonts, images, illustrations, and icons.

With advanced editing tools, it’s very easy to add icons, text, logos, frames, and borders on your custom business card.

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