Cyberattacks And How They Work Against Your Business.

Cyberattacks And How They Work Against Your Business.

Before we get into detail about cybersecurity and the depth of the topic, let us first understand what it actually is. When a third unauthorised party illegally accesses your data or system through malicious attacks, the process is called a cyber attack. Cybersecurity is the the process that uses a set of tools to protect the system against cyber attacks.

It doesn’t matter how established your brand and business are, if your data is on any digital device, your data is at risk of attack. Gone are the times when Firewall was enough to protect your data from external interruptions. As technology has advanced significantly in every aspect, so does the digital evil. Especially when you have a business to worry about, you cannot afford any risks. As an entrepreneur, the most valuable asset that you own is your data. 

Cybersecurity must never be a thing that you should consider after getting attacked. It should be something that you should be hyperaware of and must prevent. However, in case of a cyber attack, it is advised that you contact a highly professional company that has skilled and experienced professionals. You must have given your employees cyber security incident response training. Check out Loop Secure for the best cyber attacks protection, precautions, incident response system, etc. 

What Are Some Types Of Cyber Attacks?

It is important for you to know what you are protecting your system against. Once you realise the depth of the threat you are exposed to, you will be more confident in your decision of getting a strong cyber security strategy.

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Malware is the most common type of cyber attack. Malware means a malicious software (hence called “malware”) that includes viruses such as trojan horses, spyware, worms and ransomware.

These malware attack your system through a vulnerability and the d then access your whole system through it. All this malware appears as legitimate software and then accesses your data. The main reason why businesses get malware is due to vulnerabilities.  


Ransomware is the most popular and most used type of malware. Ransomware is a malicious software that sneaks into your system through various links and accesses your data. The data is then held by the cybercriminals and is not released until the owner pays the amount demanded by the cybercriminals. 


The use of emails that appear like friendly links to trick users into clicking the emails and attacking the system is called phishing. The process involves mixing up engineering with technical trickery and luring users into opening emails. Cybercriminals use a trusted contact and can use your brand name to send these emails.


MITM or Man in the Middle attack is the type of attack where a cybercriminal plants themselves between clients and a server, consumer and sellers or any two parties interacting. In this attack, the third person usually interrupts with transactions. This type of attacks are very harmful for businesses with a good brand name as it taints the brand reputation and makes you lose customers.

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