Datejust is a watch collection of Rolex

Datejust is a watch collection of Rolex

Rolex is a leader in the heart of the world with the most prestigious watch brands. They are the real example of wonderful handicraft. The timepiece takes over a year to collect 220 minute pieces, which is systematically handcrafted. In fact, only the main plate is used for nearly 400 operations. A number of tests and re-tests are carried out on the finished watch. Rolex has become a true symbol of class, elegance, and social status through this pursuit of perfection. Rolex ladies’ watches may be the perfect gift to the leading lady of your life.

Wide range of Rolex ladies watches

Rolex women’s watches offer a wide range of styles and classes. Ladies Rolex and Ladies Rolex Datejust are the two broad categories. Both categories offer a variety that suits all taste types. A unique Rolex model is the 18k Rolex Super President. The Presidential bracelet seems to be courageous and powerful, which is the main reason for its popularity among young women who work today. This watch is available in many dial colors: champagne, peel’s mother, diamond pave, and silver.

Ladies White Gold Pave Dial Rolex Super Chair is stylish and sophisticated. It is equipped with a pave diamon dial in 18k white gold with 110 rund diamonds. The case is 18k yellow gold with 18k yellow gold crown and personalised diamond slats. The diamonds with 30 round cut diamonds are set in 18k Yellow Gold. Set of custom beadset diamond bezel. A 18k yellow gold Italian-made bracelet with 232 diamonds is the most important feature.

Rolex Ladies Datejusts have an enormous number of female wristwatches. The Ladies 2T Rolex Datejust is an exquisite variant of Datejust that requires greater flexibility with a Jubilee 18k/Stainless Steel strip. It comes in various dial shades, such as pearl mum, champagne, silver, blue and red. The mother of pearl dial, in particular, gives a multi-colored appearance that in recent years has become more common.

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Now, it has become easier to purchase authentic Rolex wristwatches. Melrose Jewelers offers genuine pre-owned Rolex watches at simply affordable prices. You can order Rolex ladies watches simply by visiting their website []. Every watch comes with 1-year warranty and full authentication and appraisal by the Los Angeles International Gemological Laboratory. The team of technicians and specialists at Melrose Jewelers perform polishing and timing adjustment to the watches to give them a brand new look. You get a customized Melrose Jewelers’ leather & velvet interior watch box, hand-sewn watch polishing cloth and an instruction manual with every purchase.

Rolex Date and Rolex Datejust are without doubt

one of the two most popular model in the Rolex collection. The usual question is :”What is the difference between these two models?” Since both of the watches look practically the same it is easy to get confused ,especially when you are purchasing on the internet, and you are only able to see pictures.

In reality both watches are the same except for the size difference. The Datejust case measures 36 mm in width and its bracelet is 20 mm. While the Date has 34 mm case and 19 mm Band. Therefore what makes them distinct is 2 mm on the case and 1 mm on the band. If you are at a jewelry shop would be easy to distinguish them when you have the watches side by side . However what if you do not have them to compare because you only see one model at the store or because you see it on the internet? Well it is easy if you have the reference number. The Rolex Datejust would have models such as 116200, 16200, 16000, 1600.

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The dates of the Rolex will be 115200, 15200, 15000, 1500, for example. The old age of the watch and what features it has will all depend on. As a guideline, note that there will be 16 between Datejust and 15. Datejust. Sellers usually provide the model numbers on the details of products, if not just inquire to include them politically. You may still detach the cuff if you have the watch in your possession and the reference numbers would be between the lugs.

You just have to note that the date of the order is slightly highere if you want to buy Rolex and are undecided between these two models. If you choose a smaller watch, the date is the better option, otherwise the date is your watch. Even though they are known as male watches, it is also important to note that there are no more male watches, because women are extremely prominent and the trend is toward bigger watches every day.

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