Does Your Business Need Its Own App?

Does Your Business Need Its Own App?

If you have your own business or are thinking of starting one, one thing to consider is whether or not your business needs its own app. Many types of businesses can benefit from having a mobile app to optimize operations, improve the customer experience, and increase their reach. In this article, we will explore what types of businesses are best suited to bespoke apps, and how these apps can be set up.

What Businesses Need Apps?

Retail and eCommerce:

Apps can provide a convenient way for customers to browse and purchase products from online stores, and can also integrate loyalty programs, discounts, and rewards. Integrating mobile payment options can also streamline the checkout process.

Entertainment and Media:

Streaming services can deliver on-demand video, music, and podcast content via apps. In the gaming industry, apps can provide mobile games and facilitate in-app purchases. Many gamers use their mobiles to play, and apps can provide a much more convenient experience. With apps, gamers can play a range of online casino games at the touch of a button — this can be a particular benefit for gamers with limited time (e.g., short commutes) to play.

Food and Beverages:

The takeout and food delivery industry has been revolutionized by the popularity of smartphones and apps, which enable more convenient ordering and real-time tracking. While many businesses have profiles on the same delivery apps, some also offer their own bespoke apps. Restaurant and cafe apps can enable customers to place orders for pickup or delivery, view menus, and make reservations.

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Transportation and Logistics:

Ride-sharing apps have become extremely popular in recent years, even posing a threat to the traditional taxi firm business model. In response, most taxi companies now have their own apps to increase convenience to the customer. These apps can connect drivers and passengers, facilitate ride bookings, and provide fare estimates.

Other industries in which apps are commonplace include travel and hospitality, financial services, education and eLearning, real estate, beauty and personal care, and social networking and dating.

How to Get an App for Your Business

There are two main ways to get a specific app for your business: hiring an app developer or building an app yourself.

Paying a professional app developer can ensure high-quality, customized development with advanced features and expert problem-solving. This can result in a polished app that meets your business needs, improves the customer experience, and meets industry standards. However, hiring a professional can be expensive!

The other option is to build an app yourself. Thankfully, there are many no-code apps and tools that can enable you to do this even if you lack knowledge of programming. If you do have the in-house technical experience (and a significant amount of time) and want greater control and customization over the finished product, you have the opportunity to build a unique app that benefits your business significantly.

If in doubt about whether your business needs an app or not, think about whether or not an app could improve your business’s value proposition, improve customer experiences, or streamline operations. If the answer to any of these is “yes”, building an app could be extremely worthwhile.

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