Don’t confuse Wi-Fi with Broadband! Learn more here

Don’t confuse Wi-Fi with Broadband! Learn more here

The technology-driven world today runs on the internet. It is quite difficult to just neglect the indispensable nature of the internet. Thanks to advancements in the sector of wireless communication, it is literally everywhere. Therefore, one needs to be aware of the basic functionality of the online world. How does the internet function? How do people access it? And what technology goes in the functioning of this World Wide Web? It is quite remarkable to witness the kind of connection humankind maintains due to an online world of intangible webs, packets of data, and a lot more. Merely having an internet connection is not enough these days. Having a high-speed and stable internet connection is important to really get the essence of it. You can even conduct an internet speed test online to determine the same. 

In a nutshell, every internet user should be aware of the basic terminology related to the internet. How many of us often use the terms Wi-Fi and Broadband interchangeably? There is a significant difference between Wi-Fi and Broadband. Read on to know more.

What is Wi-Fi?

It is essentially a technology which is used to connect two or more devices without physical connection, say wires. The Wi-Fi technology employs radio signals and frequencies to send and receive information between two different devices. It is used to transfer packets of data or internet without any tangible form of connection. Therefore, the range offered by Wi-Fi is important to transfer data. It is the Wi-Fi technology that accesses the internet by communicating between a router/modem and your phone or PC. 

As mentioned above, Wi-Fi work using frequencies. The 2 frequencies used by the technology is 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Both the frequencies have different ranges for sending and receiving the data. 

Basically, if you are searching for WiFi price in India, you will get the price for a broadband connection. That is how interchangeable the terms are! But keep in mind that both are different. 

What is Broadband?

If you conduct an internet speed test online, you get the speed of the broadband and not your Wi-Fi. Confused? Let us explain!

Broadband is the path on which the internet moves. It is a type of internet connection provided by ISP (Internet Service Providers). Using Wi-Fi, one can connect to broadband. Whereas broadband connects the router to the internet. Broadband means using more than one band to transfer data. Thanks to a greater number of bands being used to transmit data, the speed offered by broadband is superior to other types of internet connection. 

Fibernet, Cable, ASL, DSL, and others are all types of broadband connection. The Wi-Fi technology will be futile if a broadband connection is not available for accessing the internet. 

Another difference to note is that Broadband connection requires a LAN cable to access the internet. But Wi-Fi doesn’t require any cable or any physical connection to access information. 

The basic difference

To put in simple words, Wi-Fi technology is a medium to connect to broadband to let the users access the internet. Without broadband, one can’t access the internet. Without Wi-Fi technology, it will be difficult to let multiple devices share the internet. 

Understanding the fundamental difference between Wi-Fi and Broadband helps you to stay aware and choose the right internet connection for yourself. Airtel Broadband is one of the most promising networks for high-speed and stable internet connection. It has the advanced technology of fiber net which stays undisturbed in every weather. Head over to Airtel’s website to know more about the Broadband connection plans available for you and your family. 

Choose an internet connection that passes the internet speed test with flying colours!


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