Doratoon Review: Best Online Tool for Teaching & Learning

Doratoon Review: Best Online Tool for Teaching & Learning
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With rapid digitization, there have been some significant changes in the educational sector. This digitization has introduced the concept of online teaching and learning into the world. This teaching and learning technique has gained immense popularity and met high demand after the impact of the global pandemic. Several teaching institutions have now adopted the online method of teaching instead of the conventional method of teaching.

For the best communication with enhanced teaching and learning techniques, it is essential to use the best online tool, which is Doratoon. If you want to convey a topic of mathematics to elementary students, then Doratoon can help as a great cartoon video maker for the best interaction. There are several perks of using Doratoon in the education actor for better teaching and learning. So, let’s check them out.

Features of Doratoon For Teaching & Learning

Several features of Doratoon can be used for efficient video making processes. This will help teachers to make easy-to-understand and captivating videos for their students.

  1. Adding Images: Doratoon helps teachers add attractive, informative, and valuable images into their teaching and learning videos for the best online communication. This still image helps the teachers to make the animated video more informative and exciting. Students can easily pause the online videos to take notes from these still images by their teachers.
  2. Background Music, Dubbing And Sound Effects: Every student has the ability to learn faster through speeches and vocal interactions. For this reason, Doratoon enables the teachers to use dubbing through artificial intelligence for vocal speech delivery in the teaching video contents. Also, Dopratoon allows the teachers to add background music and sound effects to their video content to make it more exciting and captivating.
  3. Using Format Painter: Doratoon has an amazing feature known as the format painter. This feature helps the teachers to upload their audio files into the video content for better communication. This feature allows the teachers to record their voice speeches directly on the microphone. This will help your students to gain the exact knowledge that you want to impart.
  4. Use of AI Intelligent Dubbing: Doratoon has an in-built software technology known as AI synthesis that helps users convert their written texts into vocal speeches. This is one of the best solutions for teachers to make a series of videos with voiceovers. This saves time recording your own voice and sends the dialect on your behalf to the students.
  5. Managing the Texts: No matter how long or short your video, it will always need texts for a better depiction of the topic that you’re teaching. Most educational videos are considered as explainer videos, so texts play a vital role in them. Doratoon allows you to add texts with special animated and dynamic effects. These text inputs in your teaching video contents will make it more engaging to the students.
  6. PPT-Video Conversion: Many teachers face the issue of teaching their students through PPT presentations. This makes the students less engaging and less productive in the class sessions. Here, the PPT-Video conversion feature by Doratoon can come to your great aid. This feature allows importing the PPT presentation into video format for strong visual content and better engagement.
  7. Customizable Templates: Many teachers are looking for uniqueness in their online teaching video content. This uniqueness can be inserted through the customizable templates offered by Doratoon with royalty-free music. This customization can help the teachers to make each video unique, attractive and eye-glazing to their students.
  8. Background Zoom And Video Upload: The background of any video presentation plays a crucial role in audience retention. An attractive background in the video content can help you with the stubborn appearance of the video, whereas small animated clips can make the animation more presentable, dynamic and catchy. Here, Doratoon enables you to customize background options that can add a mesmerizing charm to your video presentation. It also allows you to add motion clips and static images.
  9. Footage Style In Video Contents: As a teacher, you will always look for better ways to enhance your video content. Here, using Doratoon can help you with the footage style feature to edit the footage of the video with appealing, attractive and eye-catching designs for making the presentation more appealing. This software tool provides the style panel for easy access to make the video presentation more engaging to the students.
  • Material Alignment of The Video: Doratoon is a valuable tool for teachers who want to ensure professionalism in their videos for the student’s seminar. This tool enables the feature of material alignment, which helps the users turn on the grid lines’ transparency. This tool feature also allows the user to align the aspects of the canvas precisely to bring consistency to the video.
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Final Thoughts

So, use this concise yet informative review about Doratoon to enhance your teaching career while teaching online. Make the best videos with advanced level editing for the best communication and learning.

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