Effective and Efficient Social Media for Brands in 2021

Effective and Efficient Social Media for Brands in 2021

Building brand repute, creating brand awareness, attracting more and more potential consumers, and establishing a successful brand become effortless with social media

Social media has become the most powerful promotional tool that is fulfilling all the essentials of a successful media marketing strategy. From the days when everything was all right and life was in the routine with full rhythm to this pandemic hit the world social media apps and sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube emerge as sources for discovering new horizons.

Where the Covid-19 pandemic results in shutdowns, curfew, and lockdowns in most of the countries, social media become an important tool for the latest updates and business doing. Almost all the large, small, and medium scaled businesses and brands are attracting potential consumers with the help of social media. With the online stores loaded with hundreds of social media apps, it is wise to choose the most effective and efficient app/platform. Here you will catch the top social media apps and platforms that have all the essentials and are fulfilling the requirements for brands and businesses.


Who dares to resist the temptation of this incredibly awesome photo-sharing social media platform! This almost decade-old social media has attracted the most number of users around the world. Therefore, it has completed the task of gathering a large number of people in one single place. This opens up doors of great opportunities for brands and businesses. In fact, nowadays success of a business or brand is seen with the number of likes, shares, and comments on its posts and statuses on FB. So, while deciding on a platform for brand and business promotion.

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Though this photo-sharing app is mentioned on the second number here, this doesn’t mean that it comes after any other social media app. With 400 million active users and a record 60 million photos remained in conversations, Instagram is the best social media for brand and business promotion. The basic requirement of Instagram is a large number of followers. There are two different ways to achieve this milestone: to buy Instagram followers UK or to post catchy and creatively innovative content on a daily basis. All of the billionaires and millionaires of the world have grown this big with the help of this Facebook-owned social media.


On the list of the most effective and efficient social media platforms and apps, Youtube is probably the only site that deals with visual content (videos). This site allows you to upload videos containing details of your services and product. If you have ever broadcast Youtube yourself, you definitely have witnessed 5 sec or 20 sec short ads. These ads help in a great way to boost the sales and repute of your brand. There is no doubt about it that users watch millions of hours of videos every day here on Youtube.


For some people, QQ is just a social media platform used mostly by Chinese youth for instant chat. But figures and stats have highlighted that QQ has the potential to attract buyers and consumers throughout the world. It is available in 90 countries. Users not only chat instantly but QQ allow them to decorate their avatars, watch movies, play online games, shop online, blog, and make payment. With this much to offer, this instant messaging app helps you win potential consumers, build brand awareness, plan and execute efficient marketing strategies, and grow an audience for your brand.

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Wrap Up

For every small, medium, or large scale brand or business finding a suitable place to promote its services is very crucial. Nowadays, social media platforms are fulfilling all the requirements for efficient and effective promotional campaigns. When hundreds of social media apps available online for free, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and QQ hold key significance. 60% of the total social media traffic is grabbed by these four giants.

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