Electrical Issues in your HVAC Systems

Electrical Issues in your HVAC Systems

 We all rely on our air conditioners all summer. Life without an air conditioner can be quite troublesome. You would hate to wake up one day drenched in sweat because your air conditioner is not functioning properly. At times like this your best option is to seek help from a licensed professional.

There will come a time when your HVAC system will start exhibiting different issues such as refrigerant leaks, poor cooling performance, or even electrical hindrances. You should not attempt to fix your own HVAC machine because in case there are any more complications, your cooling system could take some serious damage that might not be repairable. The best option in a situation like this is to get in touch with HVAC companies or a professional that provides HVAC services like emergency ac repair Las Vegas.

While facing electrical issues in HVAC, it’s best to not try and make things right yourself. You could end up damaging your system more since you do not have the right knowledge or experience to deal with this situation. Here are some common electrical issues with your cooling system that you should look out for:y

  • Circuit Breaker Problems:

Your air conditioner can stop working because of issues like a blown fuse or a tripped circuit. If this keeps happening often, it could be because your air conditioner might be pulling too much powers. Your best option is to look out for HVAC service near me.

  • Wiring Problems:

Just like any other high voltage machine, your air conditioner contains numerous wiring systems. These wires are prone to fraying, corrosion, and in some cases, disconnection. Because of this, the flow of electricity to the parts of your AC can be disrupted. This disruption of electricity causes the parts of your system to work harder which can lead to breakdowns.

  • Poor Capacitors:
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Capacitors are one of the most important parts of your air conditioner. Its function is to store charge and release power. Capacitors turn on and off numerous times in a second while the compressor is running. Capacitors affect the functioning of the compressor since the life expectancy of a compressor is directly related to the age of the capacitor. A faulty capacitor can cause recurring problems and lead to more serious issues.  The best way to deal with this is to replace your capacitor.

  • Compressor Issues:

The compressor is one of the most important parts of your air conditioning system. It also happens to be the costliest part of an AC. If you find your system overheating, it could be because the compressor motor is pulling in too much power or it could also be vice versa. If you suspect your compressor might be failing, its best to get help before it fails and causes a premature HVAC replacement. The best call you can take for a cost-efficient result is to replace your compressor.

  • Your AC is Not Switching On/Off:

If your air conditioner isn not switching on or off, it could be for multiple reasons. The relay is responsible for pumping power into the motors. At times your AC starts running continuously because when the motor is stuck. If you attempt to force in open, it could cause even more damage and make it difficult for the motor to receive power and switch on the system. Sometimes the issue of malfunctioning commands can also come from a faulty remote control. Hence, it’s best to check that too.

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Apart from electrical issues, there are several issues that your air conditioning system can face. Some issues like a spoiled remote control, faulty batteries, etc can be fixed at home without any professional help. A dirty filter, refrigerant leaks, bent coils, there’s a lot that can go wrong with your system.  But when you suspect issues whose root cause you are not aware of, its better to call for help instead of trying to make it own on your own. You don’t want to cause more harm.  Most importantly, make sure you schedule reglar maintenance appointments. This can help you fix your problems before they become bothersome. Simply look up ‘hvac repair near me’ and get in touch with a professional who has adequate knowledge and experience to fix your system.

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