Energetic Youths for Future Business

Energetic Youths for Future Business

How to realize your dream, Start a business, and become independent?

“ABC of business”, “Faculty of business”, “Young entrepreneur”, competition “Young entrepreneur of Ugra”, testing to identify entrepreneurial abilities – and this is only half of the projects aimed at developing youth entrepreneurship in Ugra.

Today, reliable support for beginners is provided by the Ugra Entrepreneurship Support Fund. One of the key tasks for the Ugra Entrepreneurship Support Fund is how to make the lives of young businessmen as comfortable as possible. The job is thus organized such that the needs of everyone from small to big are taken into account. Not only existing companies but even school children are included in Foundation programs. The research is conducted in the sense of the “Small and medium-sized companies” regional programme in sponsorship of individual business initiatives

“Indeed, youth is our everything, our future, therefore the Fund has been working with youth programs since its foundation,” says Sergey Struchkov, Director General of the Ugra Entrepreneurship Support Fund . – There are already well-established, well-established programs – these are the ABC of Business, the Faculty of Business, which have been operating for many years throughout the territory. According to statistics, about 5% of people can be entrepreneurs without additional training. And if you give a person a certain technology, a set of skills and abilities, then he can quite successfully do business.

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Business for students from “a” to “I”

Children aged 14-17 years create their own companies, exchange expertise, chat about the economy with a company mentor or professional entrepreneur in the game education cycle. The company project ABC-gives children the idea to create a business from scratch, children are careful, effective, imaginative, and reaching ahead. The course runs from September to April for six months. Training takes place this academic year at 26 training locations in 18 district municipalities.

“In my opinion, the ABC of Business is primarily aimed at a student who could develop entrepreneurial abilities and qualities in himself. This is career guidance, ” says Elena Belan, a business coach from Khanty-Mansiysk. – The guys can learn about the areas that are always present in business – accounting, economics, marketing, advertising, and can choose from this spectrum what is interesting and is already determined by entering the university. It would also be cool if the student stayed in Khanty-Mansiysk, wrote a business project, defended it, and created something so amazing in our city. ”

Develop entrepreneurial skills and Thinking

This course helps active youth to develop entrepreneurial skills and thinking, master flexible skills, understand their strengths, the student receives a ready-made viable business plan, draws up a personal development plan for 5-10 years, with which he can step into a big life.

In addition, for residents of Surgut, Nizhnevartovsk, and Nyagan there is an express course on financial literacy for active youth aged 14-17 years – “Young Entrepreneur”. Where for three months young people will form entrepreneurial skills and thinking, learn the basics of business planning and draw up a business plan ready for implementation.

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Note to Creative Students

Today in Ugra, a new season of the project “Faculty of Business” has begun for graduates, and it has been applied since 2011 in higher and high schools and has as its key objective the provision of opportunities for effective enterprising and information and advice.
In September, for example, the “New Specialist: Tools, Incentives” Motivational programming for students was delivered. There were about 1000 participants from the district’s 19 high schools, and secondary schools.

For many hours, the participants discussed where to launch a venture into entrepreneurialism and what contemporary enterprising ideas was. The dialogue took place around business and income.

The experts included federal guests, productive businesses, designers and owners of Kirill Shishlov and Sergey Brykov, from Moscow.

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