Lost Ark is the fifth Steam Game to reach One million concurrent players

Lost Ark is the fifth Steam Game to reach One million concurrent players

The free online multiplayer online role-playing game Lost Ark has surpassed one million concurrent players, becoming the fifth game on Steam. The game’s popularity has led many new fans to download it in time for its February 11th release. Now, just a day after its release, Lost Ark is one of the most successful games on the Steam concurrent player charts.

It is worth noting that Lost Ark has gained more than 4.7 million new registered users in Europe and the United States within three days of its official launch. Among these players, 55% are from the Americas, and 45% are from Europe.

Christoph Hartmann, vice president of Amazon Games, said that Amazon Games should remain humble after its achievements. In addition, Hartmann believes that Amazon’s previous MMO New World has performed very well. He emphasized that it is a tremendous honor to occupy two positions in the five most-played Steam games of all time and thanked New World. The Lost Ark and New World player communities were instrumental in making this achievement possible.

Hartmann also revealed that for the game to remain popular in the next few years, developer Smilegate plans to continue updating and providing support to The Lost Ark, bringing more content and regular updates to players.

New MMORPG gains momentum on Steam

The action MMORPG Lost Ark has attracted a lot of fans, and the new game is also breaking records on Twitch. The game’s popularity in South Korea is spreading globally.

Only four other games have reached the million concurrent player mark on Steam: PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds, CounterStrike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2, and Cyberpunk 2077.

The most impressive metric is that Lost Ark has the second-highest player count ever on Steam. The peak number of players was around 1.33 million, and only PUBG had a higher number of just over 3.25 million. If we narrow down the genre of games, Lost Ark is the No. 1 multiplayer role-playing game on Steam in terms of concurrent play. However, Cyberpunk 2077 still holds the record for the highest number of single-player RPGs peaking.

Due to the popularity, many players have to queue up when entering the game. They don’t know what to do. Below, LostArkGold will share some practical solutions.

Method 1: Choose a server with a relatively small number of players

What to do: If players are crowded to play on a popular server, there may be a queue, and the wait time will be longer. At present, the number of players in American suits is much larger than that of European cases, so I suggest that you try to choose European suits instead of American suits.

Method 2: Wait for the official to open a new server before playing

Specific operation: After the Lost Ark official detected the real-time player number data on the server, it has urgently announced that it will open a new European server and separate it from the current European and American server. You can wait patiently after the new server is opened. Play again.

Potential new leaders

Lost Ark focuses on getting the best out of older MMOs while avoiding the pay-to-win pitfalls that led to its success. In the days following its official release, player numbers surged, showing that MMOs are still something fans are looking for. Lost Ark is off to a great start, from play and learning from various courses to the fun combat system and Farming Lost Ark Gold Method. So much so that the new MMO could smash the Steam record of 3.25 million concurrent players. Only time will tell if that record holds, but The Lost Ark is already in an elite company.


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