Free Online Coaching Platforms

You can streamline your operations, increase productivity, and strengthen your relationship with clients by going digital with the help of apps and software specifically developed for coaches. Several free online coaching platforms are available to help you improve your skills. These include Upcoach, Satori, Nudge Coach, and Paperbell.


Designed for business coaching, Paperbell is an online coaching toolkit that helps you manage your clients, schedule sessions, and keep your billing up-to-date. It’s a good choice for therapists, consultants, or anyone who wants to build a thriving online coaching practice.

The software’s suite of features is designed to save you time. Paperbell offers a comprehensive scheduling tool, an online payment system, and a client-centric dashboard that makes it easy to manage your clients and schedule sessions.

Paperbell is an excellent choice for one-on-one coaching sessions and can easily accommodate group classes. Its scheduling tool is a must-have if you want to schedule various sessions. You can also set up repeating time blocks or group coaching packages and create attractive landing pages to entice new clients. You can also use Paperbell to set up surveys or A/B schedules to find out what works best for your clients.

Nudge Coach

Designed as a way to help a coach keep their clients on track, Nudge Coach is a surprisingly powerful app. Not only does it provide an online platform to store and organize program content, but it also offers a fully customizable mobile app. Nudge Coach is a top choice for coaches looking to keep their clients on the right path.

Nudge Coach isn’t just a cool app, however. In fact, it’s one of the most powerful and flexible tools in the coach’s arsenal. The software can help a coach get more done in less time.

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Aside from the app’s main function, the software provides useful tools to assist coaches in running their businesses. For example, the software has a time-tracking feature that lets coaches track how many hours they spend coaching each week. It also offers a feature dubbed the Nudge Factor, which assigns ratings to each client based on the amount of engagement the client has displayed during their sessions.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced course creator, UpCoach is a coaching platform that is flexible and easy to use. The platform helps coaches save time and deliver transformational results. It is also great for coaches who want to reach more clients.

The platform allows you to create a program, set meetings, and assign to-dos. You can also embed accountability systems into your courses. The platform also comes with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop Program Editor. You can also create courses with multiple lessons.

UpCoach’s Smart Docs feature lets you create worksheets for your clients. You can also track your clients’ progress. You can also create accountability groups to help people connect.


Whether you’re an experienced coach looking to grow your business, or an aspiring coach looking to break into the field, the Satori online coaching platform can help you achieve your goals. It offers a variety of features to streamline your processes, boost your sales, and deliver a personalized client experience. It’s also a great tool for building your list, managing client relationships, and more.

Satori’s core features include a customizable coaching platform, a powerful admin panel, and various marketing tools. The platform also offers a 2-month free trial. The platform is also compatible with other coaching software so you can add additional features.

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Designed by Xplor to meet the needs of fitness and health coaches, TrueCoach is an all-in-one platform that simplifies the administration of your business. It allows you to manage your clients, build workout programs, and track their progress. It is also built to meet the needs of coaches, gyms, and fitness clubs.

TrueCoach offers a 14-day free trial. This lets you see how the app works before signing up for a paid subscription. You can easily cancel your subscription if you don’t like TrueCoach after the trial period. Stripe powers its payment system.

TrueCoach also has a Help Center with step-by-step instructions and case studies. You can also attend webinars to learn more about growing your online training business. It also has a referral program for current customers.


Whether you are starting a coaching business or have been in the business for a while, the best online coaching platform will provide you with tools to engage your clients. These can include marketing features, customer service features, and point-of-sale features. In the past, coaches used spreadsheet software and multiple tools to manage their businesses. The best online coaching platform will make your life easier by centralizing your materials and keeping track of your client’s information. This will make the whole process more efficient and help you better serve your clients.

Another must-have is an integrated scheduling tool. Some platforms offer features such as a calendar, a Kanban board, or a note-taking app. They can also help you with invoicing, contracts, and other administrative tasks.

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