Gaming Laptop or Gaming PC

Gaming Laptop or Gaming PC

Many gamers prefer buying laptops instead of personal computers. They don’t even suspect that PCs can be much better. Today, we’ll delve into this matter and find out what’s better – a gaming laptop or a prebuilt gaming PC.

Why Laptops Are So Popular

Laptops are very compact devices. They don’t take up much space in a room, and they’re easy to carry on trips. Also, there’s no need to buy new furniture for laptops. When necessary, they can even be placed on laps.

Laptops are all-in-one devices that include monitors, touchpads, and keyboards. Owners don’t need to spend time and buy these devices separately. However, this is where the first problems with modern laptops start.

Issues with Modern Laptops

Laptop manufacturers often skimp and install low-quality devices in their products. They quickly malfunction and become a problem.

For instance, if a laptop’s keys break, the user will have to send the device for warranty repair or repair it at their own expense. In any case, the owner will lose a lot of time and effort.

In theory, laptops can be used autonomously, without additional power, but then they only work for about an hour in games. Moreover, over time, the batteries deteriorate, reducing the autonomy even more.

Also, laptops lack reliability and durability. For gamers, they last from 3 to 5 years. The short lifespan is due to compact cooling systems.

Due to their small size, laptops cannot accommodate large metal radiators and numerous air fans. As a result, components overheat or operate at the limits of acceptable temperatures. This accelerates degradation and leads to premature failure of components.

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Why Computers Are Better Than Laptops

Personal computers have plenty of space, so they suffer from overheating much less frequently. Engineers can freely install liquid cooling systems (CLCs) as well as components with large metal radiators and fans. Therefore, the service life of gaming computers is several times longer than that of laptops. With annual dust cleaning and thermal paste replacement, PCs can last from 7 to 10 years.

Also, gaming desktops are much easier to repair and maintain. In case of breakdowns, you don’t even have to completely disassemble the system units. It’s enough to identify which components have failed and replace them with new ones. This is impossible with laptops, as all components are interrelated and located on one board. Repairing them is much more complicated. Moreover, professionals from service centers with special tools and complex equipment will be needed.

Processors and graphics cards in personal computers are always more powerful than in laptops. This is because laptops use cut-down, lower heat dissipation versions of components. For example, the desktop NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 is about 20% more powerful than the mobile version. The situation is similar with processors. A desktop CPU will be 20-30% more powerful than a mobile one.

Laptops vs. Computers: Which Is Better

Now let’s directly compare computers with laptops and look at the results:

  • Computers are easier and cheaper to repair.
  • Computers are much more reliable and durable.
  • Computers require furniture for installation and cannot be taken on trips.
  • Computers are about 20-30% more powerful than laptops with the same specs.
  • Computers require purchasing peripherals like monitors, speakers, mice, and keyboards.
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If you rarely travel and don’t need a portable device, it’s better to buy a gaming computer. It will be more powerful, reliable, durable, and easier to repair. Plus, you can choose peripherals yourself without worrying about their quality.

Many people don’t understand computers and components, so they prefer buying laptops. However, today, many companies have entire departments of PC specialists. For instance, if you contact HYPERPC, they will ask you about the tasks you need the computer for. Their specialists will provide you with a whole list of PCs that suit you in terms of price and performance.

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