HostZealot: Best Web Hosting Service Provider

HostZealot: Best Web Hosting Service Provider

In the web building process, web hosting plays an important role. Web hosting allows individuals or groups to publish and make their websites accessible through the World Wide Web (www). It’s a kind of online service that makes your web application or site accessible on the internet. Bluehost vs. Wix: Which is best?

HostZealot is one of the best web hosting service providers and has been successfully providing high-quality services since 2009. HostZealot provides top-notch web hosting services to private, individual, and corporate clients. Our team consists of well-experienced experts and professionals who deliver the best service to all our clients. All of our works so far have been highly appraised by our clients.

We Provide Services for-

Hostzealot is not limited to just one or two types of web hosting services. We provide excellent hosting services on-

Dedicated Servers

Choose a dedicated server, and HostZealot will provide excellent service on that. Your configuration will be built according to your requirement, and you can get access to it within a few hours. Besides, we will also provide 24/7 technical support.

●  VPS

We also provide scalable, fast, and fully managed VPS services applicable to rapidly growing web applications. Your VPS will be highly customizable with guaranteed reliability and availability.

●   Shared Hosting

HostZealot provides high-quality shared hosting services under a reasonable budget for corporate, small, and individual businesses.


You can also do domain registration from HostZealot. You can transfer domains as well as all domain zones offered by HostZealot. For example, .com will cost you around $ 8.50 per .org will cost you approximately $ 11.6 a year, whereas .ru and pro—costs around Euro 2 to 4.50.

Besides, over 500 domain zones and all domain extensions are also available on HostZealot.


In this era of online hackers, it is essential to protect websites vigorously. Especially if the site is a shopping site, protecting the customer’s debit/credit card details is necessary. HostZealot provides strong encryption for websites to protect all the confidential data present on the website.

●  Colocation

Our colocation service will provide you with the best internet spaces for your website. We have connections with the best data centers and networks that support you 24/7.

Why us?

In all aspects of web hosting, we provide high-quality services. We consider all your needs and provide highly customizable services. Our team consists of experienced professionals and experts as we have over 10 years of experience in this field.

Besides, here are other reasons that prove that we stand out among many other web hosting companies in service and quality.

●  We don’t have a contract system

Yes, you saw that right. We don’t force our clients to sign contracts for hiring our service. You can easily cancel your service if you don’t need it or like it. However, get to enjoy the services till the expiry date of that particular service. After that, the service will automatically withdraw and expire.

●  We guarantee 99,9% uptime

Thus, with our guaranteed 99,9% server uptime, we provide easy access to our client’s online projects.

●  Reasonable and excellent prices

HostZealot is the only company that provides the best web hosting services at really reasonable prices. Our services will deliver you top-notch performance without any discrepancies.

●   We deliver quick configuration

If you order a dedicated server from HostZealot, trust me, you will not get disappointed as we provide a quick configuration feature that will help your website perform highly and reliably within just half an hour.

●  Open Traffic pool for HostZealot clients

HostZealot clients can join a shared pool available where they can join several servers within a location, and they can do this for absolutely free.

●  Problem-free upgrading

While upgrading, you will not face any data loss, bugs, interruptions, or other hardware-related issues. You don’t even need to change your IP address because everything will run efficiently and smoothly.

●  IPv6 is supported

IPv6 is fully supported, and you will be able to use it entirely with reverse DNS and that too instantly as soon as your server is activated.

●  KVM Virtualization

This guarantees server resources for each VPS as well as you can install any OS that you want to with KVM.

Our Data Centers

We have our data centers in different cities around the world. However, the services available for each data center may differ from the others. For example, all services in Chicago, USA, might not be available in London, UK, or Stockholm, Sweden.  The names of our data centers are as follows-

  • Chicago, USA
  • London, UK
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Hong Kong
  • Seattle, USA
  • Ashburn, USA
  • Limassol, Cyprus

HostZealot Partners

Established back in 2009, HostZealot provides hosting services in many brands; as a result, HostZealot has many reputed companies and brands as their partner. Given below is a list of brands/companies/service providers that HostZealot provides service in.

  • cPanel
  • cogent communications
  • Level (3) communication
  • Juniper Networks
  • Microsoft
  • Supermicro

Final Takeaway

HostZealot is no doubt the best web hosting provider in the world. We are known for the quality and reliability of our services. Besides, we provide all our services at inarguably reasonable rates. Since 2009 we are providing the best services in web hosting, and we are still a globally acclaimed company for our quality service.


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