How AI & Chatbot Apps Are Transforming Mobile Technology?

How AI & Chatbot Apps Are Transforming Mobile Technology?

The mobile industry today is evolving by all the giant strides which are pretty evident because of the AI-driven transformation emerging. Today, we can see millions of apps in verticals like healthcare, grocery, and shopping that are merged with the AI chatbots making our experience hassle-free. A mobile app development company also avails the use of AI chatbots to add innovative features and technologies to their apps.

There are numerous benefits of AI and Chatbots in developing mobile technology, but let us first understand the meaning of AI and Chatbots.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is determined to convey information to humans and is gaining popularity across the globe from the time it was first introduced. Artificial Intelligence is the replica of human behavior and intelligence that are programmed to have a thought process like humans and mimic their actions. Several Smart home-devices also use AI  and also understand human spheres like planning, learning, problem-solving, and much more.

What is Chatbots?

They are a computer initiative designed to invigorate interaction with human users, over the internet. The chatbots are supposed to interact with human users through texts or acoustic methods. They understand the way the user communicates with them and reply to your queries in the same way. Chatbots are now not just limited to just apps but are also used by various websites on a wide scale.

How has AI and Chatbots transformed mobile technology?

There has been a wide enlargement in the merge of AI and Chatbots with mobile apps and other technologies. Competition today is getting fierce among every mobile app to remain visible and noticeable in the market. Every app needs artificial intelligence development services today to remain in the competition and stand out in the market.

  • Several ventures have now begun to adopt chatbot development services to increase their customer service responses since it bestows efficacy in terms of cost and results to them. Many ventures have reported enormous proven success through ai chatbots. Several surveys have analyzed the use of ai chatbots to upsurge up to 80% by 2022.
  • The most common method of interacting with customers as preferred by them is through text. Statistics suggest that around 66% of customers prefer to have self-service rather than having a direct conversation with the agents. AI and chatbots are known to be effective self-care support tools for those who prefer the mode of text.
  • Transactional advice about exchange and return queries are in the upsurge for various people. AI and Chatbots have the benefit of providing their customer’s exchange and returns along with safe and secure transactions, henceforth becoming superior to their competitors. Many consumers get confused with different pricing policies by different websites, AI and Chatbots ameliorates this process and deduces confusions.
  • AI and Chatbots stimulate thoughtful and fun conversations with the customers in the way they interact with humans to maintain the interest of the customer which otherwise might be a difficult situation if talking to another human.
  • Various organizations attain the advantage of generating and converting leads through sales easily and effectively with the increased use of AI and Chatbots. Increased sales of products and ideas have been another supremacy of AI and chatbots.
  • Often many customers are unable to make their personalized choice or recommendation regarding a product or any desired location for which they would love to get a recommendation or a suggestion, then come AI chatbots for their rescue.
  • Another benefit of AI and Chatbots include that unlike any agent or customer support representative they do not take any break and work continuously and rapidly. This one benefit is what every customer desires, the instant infusion to their problems.
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Technology is continuously making quantum leaps and intensifying customer experience. Every enterprise today has begun to clasp these emerging technologies and provide a better experience to their users. Today, Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots are making our lives smooth and are being used on a wide scale by all enterprises.

Chatbots have been on the skyrocket in the current scenario and are expected to remain on the same page in the long run. There are numerous uses of AI and chatbots that make them prudent among millions of users scattered around the world.

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